Opinions on Enabling XP in All Worlds

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Should mobs give XP in all of the worlds?

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  1. Axelmotley

    Axelmotley Well-Known Member

    **Please read all of this before making a decision. Don't get angry, frustrated, or start shaking your fist in anger at me. It's a just full of honest questions (as a new member to the server) and also is backed by my experience of administrating server for over a year (equal footing if always my goal).
    *Sticking up for my non-violent brothers and sisters.

    As one of those "noobs" who doesn't understand BG (I believe this is a pvp world yes? Perhaps I'm wrong).**Nevermind found it on the spectacular Wiki! :D
    I would appreciate immensely if I could gain exp in worlds that I'm not going to die in 24/7, especially as a person who plays on a laptop (touchpads ewww). I am not a pvper nor will I ever be. I understand that this is a very much pvp based server, it would be nice if I were able to get on my feet and moving before being slaughtered. I do get exp from mining and digging (but it really isn't enough, heck I want to hollow out an entire mountain at some point)! I believe that opening up exp to other worlds would open up this server to another audience that would ordinarily lose interest in the server (because of how long it takes to get enchantments). From what I've seen it takes quite a bit longer for Peaceful Factions to dig their heels in the dirt and stay strong. I know that I am new to the server.. But why is there a fear of peaceful people gaining equal ground?
    But, alas, I very much doubt we'll be able to get this in wilderness worlds (which I consider hardcore because I spend most of my time hoarding supplies and building). Yes, I've been playing Minecraft for around a year now and surprisingly I've done my fair share of Pvp. Consider this in a non-pvpers, builders, or McMMo players point of view before deciding that exp in other worlds is completely wrong and unfair (this does benefit both parties afterall).
    **As for the Netherworld, the exp falls and dies a lot anyways.
    I hoard enchantments for myself, ordinarily it takes me triple the time to build things without them. So no, I don't believe that this would not crash the economy. Plus, I'm a poor kid I can't afford snazzy enchantments to assist my building (it'll take me months to get there).
    Firstly, very inflammatory good sir. Secondly, I don't have any defense against PvPers in BG and I can easily be slain in this world (I can't train combat skills until quite awhile from now). While I'm focusing on getting to the next step aka: Leader (I'm a Miner currently) I would be defenseless against roaming Pvpers in BG. Yes, it would be easier to get experience (remember this doesn't only benefit peaceful players it also benefits you), but as a "builder" who has no interest in Pvp, and whos goal is to build a pretty faction that attracts people to the server: I don't understand why we shouldn't open up this option. Yes, because I'm sure you can depend on 15 experience bottles for all of your enchants as well?

    Pfft! No worries! The people who enjoy the BG will still go there as frequently. I was planning on building there eventually (granted once I was able to get on my feet which has been made a lot harder now that I realize I cannot gain enchantments at the pace I had planned). One of my main builds being placed in the main world and the other in the BG.

    Would you mine for all your exp? (it is quite quite QUITE slow).

    **Either way I am satisfied with the outcome. I'm just saying it would be nice if I were able to convert my item grinders into exp grinders. Also, if it isn't available in peaceful worlds.. Why in the world should exp be available in non-peaceful worlds? Doesn't that give pvp players an advantage over peaceful players?
  2. Crossfire1216

    Crossfire1216 Well-Known Member

    Please say they work lol
  3. Ugry_Duckring

    Ugry_Duckring New Member

    First off that that advantage is evened out by the fact that PvPers or ppl who build in BG have to risk to build. You obviously don't know the mechanics of BG therefor almost all of your points are invalid.
  4. Crossfire1216

    Crossfire1216 Well-Known Member

    HEY! Be nice! If you read it correctly, she said she didn't completely understand BG! Give it a break! Jeez...
  5. Konstruckt

    Konstruckt Well-Known Member

    You just joined today, so unless this is your alternate account, then you're probably not an expert on the subject either.
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  6. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    There is nothing wrong with arguing as long as no one starts attacking someone personally. Everyone is making reasonable arguments here and nothing is out of hand in my opinion.

    I will leave this open for a couple more days so people may comment and voice their opinions. At this point, from the majority vote, it looks like mob XP will be only obtainable in BG and the other XP will be obtainable in any world.
  7. Ugry_Duckring

    Ugry_Duckring New Member

    I have read a lot on the forums and there is a lot of information to go off of.

    Also sorry if it seemed like a personal attack. I just think if you want something then it is worth the risk. Seeing as this is a game the only thing you are risking is your time which for me isn't all that valuable atm.
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  8. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Says the guy who joined the server yesterday o_O
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  9. Crossfire1216

    Crossfire1216 Well-Known Member

    Thank you ^.^
  10. DE_Phantom

    DE_Phantom Supporter

    I think exp should only be in BG as it would bring more ppl there and it is now more or less still sorta dead even with the new BG revamp. If you got rid of all exp for the main worlds then people would have to come to BG to get Exp
  11. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    I say we remove BG and make it to where we can claim anywhere again! :D
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  12. Zombiekittey

    Zombiekittey Zomberator Supporter Retired

    I think BG could use a little sprucing up to begin with, as for getting XP though it really isn't all that hard it just takes a little effort ( which anything that gives a reward should.) I would be cool with it either way I have no problem taking the time to EARN my levels not grind them away. I don't think anyone should have a whole arsenal of enchanted items, BG comes with a risk and whether or not you want to take it is entirely up to the player.

    Although if everyone decides that it should be enabled in all worlds perhaps we could have a community discussion about what would make BG better and bring people there. It is sad to see it so lifeless and somewhat destroyed in certain areas.
  13. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    I think that rather then having all exp be in the BG world, that jigs could maybe install a plugin to raise enchanting max luck back up to 50. I think the real reason people aren't going in BG is because often they don't need something enchanted, or they can buy enchanted items for cheap, whereas if they were worth more, players would be more inclined to go to the BG world.
  14. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    I think we just keep everything the same you we can do that
  15. iLizzy

    iLizzy Staff Member Architect Moderator Supporter

    I agree with konny it's a great great idea
  16. Axelmotley

    Axelmotley Well-Known Member

    I didn't say I fully understood it. I understand the basic mechanics of it. From my understanding the Pvp players do have an advantage in BG because of their McMMO skills and their ability to directly punch me in the stomach once resulting in my utter demise. I understand that it's sort of the point of the BG I'd be more interested in going there after I get up and running. It seems that if you want to become successful on this server you must venture into BG as a noob (which is a terrifying prospect). I would be completely content wandering into BG if I had the opportunity to get all of my enchantments in line before entering there.
    Enchantments meaning: Snazzy armor and tools to protect myself from the big scary punch me in the head guys ;).
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  17. Tarax3n

    Tarax3n New Member

    (on a similar topic)
    This is kind of a weird question to ask, but how many peaceful factions/members are there and regular factions/members are there. I found that most of the regular factions tend to have really high mcmmo stats especially in combat. I was just a miner when I got killed for the first time, it only took two hits and I was dead. I joined a peaceful faction for the protection and really nothing else to begin with, I have since found no reason to join a pvp faction as the reward does not out weigh the risk. There really is no incentive to join a pvp faction if I am just going to end up dying all the time. This is the reason that I do not go to BG all that much, I have no reason to, or if I do, I still have the protection so it isn't that big of a deal. But my main issue which I am going to restate is the fact that there are just too many people that have high mcmmo stats and enchants that can kill some one like me in one hit. Its not that hard to get the enchants as it is as I can usually get 1-3 in a day depending on what I do. If you want to promote BG more, there needs to more of an incentive to go. The revamp was nice but I saw no reason still to join a pvp faction. I would just die before I could even do anything. I go to BG every once in a while but see no one at all, it is already barren. If you want to create an incentive, I would join in a heart beat but the risks of joining a pvp faction just don't out weigh the benefits.
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  18. Rainbowc0l0rs

    Rainbowc0l0rs Supporter

    I think we should keep it enabled in all worlds. People call pvp at BG all the time. I don't see how someone who sucks at pvp (like me) could get out there to get the xp, if they can't get past the players there..
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  19. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    From the comments posted here and from talking with other staff members this is what I have decided. Mobs will only drop experience orbs in BattleGround with the exception of select mobs in the Nether. In the Nether all mobs except blazes (due to them having spawners) will drop experience orbs. That means ghasts, withers, and wither skeletons. Also, select mob types will give double experience orbs.

    Mobs that drop double experience:
    • Creeper
    • Enderman
    • Ghast
    • Pig Zombie
    • Magma Cube
    • Wither
    These changes will take affect the next time the server restarts. This also means smelting, mining, and XP bottles will now drop orbs again in all worlds.
  20. Neofox07

    Neofox07 Supporter Retired

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