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  1. Lazerking117

    Lazerking117 New Member

    I found this while roaming through a folder. Reminded me about how awesome I was at factions ;)

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  2. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    TROLLS! Those were the days :)
  3. DAChubon

    DAChubon Active Member

    LOL, our faction base never actually came to fruition. It was our wilderness city that persevered.
  4. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

  5. M1N3CR4FTdude123

    M1N3CR4FTdude123 Supporter

    This reminds me of my prodigy days.
  6. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    oh yeah the "Romans" used to be a thing
    forgot all about that
  7. bloxin

    bloxin Member

    I come on here every once and a while for nostalgia as well. It has been 6 years since I have been playing Minecraft and going from a 5th grader to an 11th is a pretty big gap, and although I have quit for a long while I have been attempting my own "master project" for almost a year now
  8. r0adk1ll

    r0adk1ll Supporter

    Master Project? It doesn't start by invading Poland does it? That never ends well :)

    As for the "Romans" being a thing, well they were a big thing for some time in ancient UK, and although the Anglo Saxons never managed to defeat them, eventually the UK weather did :)

    Same thing happens if you invade russia, but a lot faster because their winters are truly bad-ass.

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