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Discussion in 'Commander Promotion Request' started by Dr. Derpy, Dec 2, 2014.

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  1. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    I, mytimeout, am requesting to be considered for the rank of Commander.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days?
    No ^^

    What is your current rank?

    What is your current power level?

    What is the name of your Faction?

    How many members are in your Faction?
    18 (Including myself)

    List all members of your Faction:
    kawiforlife, cade510 Gil, Gjtheman, tedude, horseftw, Lioncub, MYDIMONDSMINE345, xdeathdk123, MunkiGirl orangesasquatch, RaptureDemon, benjbunz, zpoxthedark, 700019, feigenb0mb, Forbidden_Sin
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  2. Lioncub

    Lioncub New Member

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  3. MunkiGirl

    MunkiGirl New Member

    I recommend MyTimeOut for the rank of Commander.
  4. Gil

    Gil Supporter

    LEGO MTO!!!! tht means yes
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  5. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    Chicken nuggets are life my family, and Mto is a nugget. I love him, you da man.
    I rackemund her fur comndher
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  6. tedude

    tedude New Member

    I gladly recommend Mytimeout for the rank of Commander :).
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  7. RaptureDemon

    RaptureDemon New Member

    I RaptureDemon, recommend the Crimson Chin aka Dr. Derpy aka MyTimeOut for the rank of commander :)
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  8. horseftw

    horseftw Well-Known Member

    I hosrefwt recommend Mytimeout aka Dr. derpy aka Vinylscratcher aka Daniel aka Worst Vi earth for the rank of commandhurdur
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  9. feigenb0mb

    feigenb0mb New Member

    yes he should be
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  10. cade510

    cade510 Supporter

    I recommend dogeman to be commander
  11. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

  12. orangesasquatch

    orangesasquatch New Member

    yes for mto
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  13. Goliath_153

    Goliath_153 Supporter

    Congrats! Please see a Support Admin in-game to rank up :)
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