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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 1, 2014.

By Jigsaw on Nov 1, 2014 at 9:31 AM
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    There is now a lottery plugin added to MutinyCraft. There is a drawing that takes place every 240 minutes and anyone who has bought a ticket has a chance to win the lottery. If there are no winners for a drawing that jackpot keeps carrying forward to the next drawing. However, you will need to buy tickets for each drawing that you want a chance to win.

    At the moment there is also a maximum ticket per person limit of 25. This is to help ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance of winning. This may be adjusted in the future, but for now I felt that 25 tickets per person was fair.

    The price per ticket is set at $1,500. For each ticket sold $1,400 is added to the jackpot and $100 is collected as a tax.


    • /lottery help - displays the commands for the plugin.
    • /lottery buy - purchase 1 ticket for the current selling price.
    • /lottery status - displays information about the current drawing and how many tickets you own.
    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions let me know!

    Oh yeah, I made the plugin in a few hours so don't hate on it too much! :)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 1, 2014.

    1. Aceposiedon
      Frankly I see this as a plugin that will fall out of use within a week. My reasons are as follows...
      1) every hour if a winner is not picked it resets. I understand that this is how an actual lottery works but it bugged me that after buying 5 tickets they just went away. Perhaps an accumulative lottery until 100 are purchased so the amounts aren't ridiculous. In perspective getting 400k as Captain did could take a normal player hours to get and I don't see this improving the economy in a fun way.
      2) people are just gunna get discouraged. You can spend 100k on it and still not win a penny, so eventually only the winners will be playing and the amount will get lower and lower. Not really sure how to address that.
      3) An interesting inclusion would be a specialty lottery that is programed to accept a specific amount of an item. Once again, as a person without any knowledge of programing no idea how to change it.
      Personally I bring up these issues to just let the staff know what i think about it and how it could change.
    2. Jigsaw
      Again, it isn't supposed to be easy to win. It is something that you aren't going to focus your entire playing experience around. It is more of a "hey, I want to spend $5,000 for a chance to win $500,000". The easier it is to win the lower the jackpot. Then it becomes less and less fun. You have valid points, but they aren't in line with the idea of a lottery. They are more of a raffle where there is a guaranteed winner.
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    3. Aceposiedon
      All fair points. I was just stating why the plugin could become pointless. Maybe as a backup we could consider a raffle system instead?
    4. Jigsaw
      :eek: That isn't really a backup. That is a completely different plugin and idea. :p
    5. Aceposiedon
      I like making ideas sound easy so it isn't rejected :) it normally works.
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    6. Slaxzz
      I like the idea of a lottery, It has a few flaws, like the players with more money buying 5 tickets every single lottery and they keep accumulating more and more money which is kind of frustrating but it is a pretty cool idea.
    7. cakeislife
      grrr it only took 6 years to make this :mad::mad::mad:
    8. Captain
      Because you're bad :D?
    9. Jigsaw
      I don't know that it is necessarily a flaw. The more money a person puts into the lottery the better their chance of winning would be. This is simply a matter of odds.

      If anyone has ideas on making things better I'm open for suggestions. Just make your case below.
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    10. Lordpiecrust
      A once every hour lottery seems too quick, maybe change it to every few hours or just daily
    11. Lordpiecrust
      You do not understand the innate human love for gambling.
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    12. Captain
      I bet you $5 that I won't gamble.
    13. Slaxzz
      Yeah but it still is annoying and frustrating to the players with less money. Also whenever somebody wins the lottery not many people actually bid afterwords because it isn't worth 10k or whatever is in it. Maybe you could make the lottery so it adds 10k to the jackpot every hour.
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    14. I_Hate_Lag_
      I like this idea, it would add some more incentive. Since most people don't win on the first bid after someone wins, at least some amount of money should be added so the jackpot isn't 0.
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    15. Aceposiedon
      Congrats valdeek you just got rich.
    16. iLizzy
      Did he win the lottery...
    17. gamess6
      I'm gonna actually call cheats because Jigsaw said earlier that he wants Valdeek to win so I'm gonna ban both of them rekt hohoho
    18. Jigsaw
      Yay, Deek won! :)
    19. Captain
      I told Deek I would ban him if he won. I'm going to ban him now!!![emoji191] [emoji215] [emoji215]
    20. valdeek
      I'm going to buy a cuboid to remove all yellow flowers from the server.

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