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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 1, 2014.

By Jigsaw on Nov 1, 2014 at 9:31 AM
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    There is now a lottery plugin added to MutinyCraft. There is a drawing that takes place every 240 minutes and anyone who has bought a ticket has a chance to win the lottery. If there are no winners for a drawing that jackpot keeps carrying forward to the next drawing. However, you will need to buy tickets for each drawing that you want a chance to win.

    At the moment there is also a maximum ticket per person limit of 25. This is to help ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance of winning. This may be adjusted in the future, but for now I felt that 25 tickets per person was fair.

    The price per ticket is set at $1,500. For each ticket sold $1,400 is added to the jackpot and $100 is collected as a tax.


    • /lottery help - displays the commands for the plugin.
    • /lottery buy - purchase 1 ticket for the current selling price.
    • /lottery status - displays information about the current drawing and how many tickets you own.
    If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions let me know!

    Oh yeah, I made the plugin in a few hours so don't hate on it too much! :)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Nov 1, 2014.

    1. iLizzy
      Oh yeah, I made the plugin in a few hours so don't hate on it too much! :)

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    2. Jigsaw
      :eek: rude
    3. Captain
      And even no interaction players can participate, RIGHT!?
    4. iLizzy
      shhhhh come ts :}
    5. Captain
      ow ok
    6. Jigsaw
      Maybe once in awhile. ;)
    7. Jigsaw
      A few people have asked me how the winner is selected for the lottery. Each ticket purchased adds your name to a list. That list contains 100 spots for entries. When the drawing occurs a random number is selected between 1 and 100. The person whose name is at that spot in the list is the winner. If there is no name in the list at that location the jackpot carries forward.

      For every ticket you purchase you increase your win chance by 1%.

      If 100 tickets are sold then there is a 100% chance a winner will be chosen.
      If 50 tickets are sold then there is a 50% chance a winner will be chosen.

      The lottery isn't supposed to be easy to win.
    8. iLizzy
    9. Jigsaw
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    10. Aceposiedon
      The non-interaction SA haha.
    11. Jigsaw
      I was hoping they just added to the jackpot, but he got lucky and won! lol
    12. Captain
      git rekt
    13. Goliath_153
      Question: If a player buys a ticket, but is offline while the lottery winner is chosen, but the player who won is offline will they still get the money? and if so is there a notification when they next log on?
    14. Captain
      They still get the money. :-0
    15. AraduRIS
      Definitely something I will take participation in very very often. Really cool feature, Jigsaw :D
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    16. Jigsaw
      Updated the plugin to now show the last winner of the jackpot when you view the /lottery status.
    17. Ricky
      ban and money to me pls
    18. Ricky
      The prices are set so that only people with real money can afford to play enough to hit the jackpot, and hopefully these people are smart enough not to, odds are you're just gonna be putting your money in other player's pockets. I myself am playing it smart and am going to ignore this feature, good luck to those of you who want some easy money :)
    19. Jigsaw
      If you have a suggestion that would make it more enjoyable for more players please share. I'm not saying this is perfect and I asked for suggestions in my original post. It is hard to make it so a large jackpot is created, but that it is also winnable.

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