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By Jigsaw on Jan 11, 2014 at 2:07 PM
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    MutinyCraft 2.0

    In an attempt to change the server for the better the staff and I have decided to introduce some major changes to the server. This was discussed in depth by several Support Admins and myself while also looking at the recommendations that many players have made in the past. We feel this is a change for the better which will allow players to have a more enjoyable time on the server while still creating a friendly and competitive community.


    Wasteland will be a new world on MutinyCraft that will be created on 1/18/2014. This world will not be like any other world we have had before as it will be regenerated every few weeks. The main purpose of this world will be for resource gathering. Anything built in this world will be deleted when the new world is generated. There will be no world guards, warps, or locked items allowed in this world. However, unlike the current Battleground world, you will be allowed to set home and have access to jobs.

    This new world will be approximately 1,500 x 1,500 and will consist of 4 protected warps on the North, South, West, and East edges of the map.


    Battleground will be replaced by Wasteland. There will no longer be a faction specific world as there was in the past (keep reading to find out why). Anything you wish to salvage in this world should be removed before 1/18/2014 when this world will be deleted. It is understandable people do not want to lose items or builds in Battleground, but the world is under utilized and is no longer needed.


    Adventure has been expanded 2,000 blocks in each direction. Adventure will now be 20,000 x 20,000 which brings it to the same size as the other two normal worlds. All of the new chunks will be generated as 1.7 chunks and they will be found on the edges of the world. Again, this change has already been put into place. Start exploring now!


    The way factions work will be changing in several significant ways. At the moment there are many factions that exist with no real purpose. In order to change this we are introducing some great changes. This was recommended by several people in the past, but it didn't seem like a viable solution without tons of rules to prevent abuse. However, I believe we have worked out some great and simple to follow rules that will make factions much more enjoyable and purposeful.

    There are too many changes to mention here and I recommend that everyone reads the new faction rules here.

    Experience (Minecraft experience not MCMMO)

    Previously you were only allowed to gain experience for killing mobs in certain worlds. As of this point forward you will be able to gain experience from mobs and mining in any world on the server. This is similar to vanilla minecraft. This change was added to increase the ease of gaining experience in order to enchant items.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jan 11, 2014.

    1. link564
      where do we post the claimed land
    2. Jigsaw
    3. dgallegos2
      Ok, so if we find a random Zombie/Skeleton/Spider spawner, it gives XP? Even if it was discovered a while ago?
    4. Jigsaw
      It wont at right now, but on the next restart natural mob spawners will give XP.
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    5. link564
      why should we claim land from 100 blocks away from wgs?
      i feel that 100 blocks is too far and players will probably unknowingly claim land near a wg they dont know about
    6. Jigsaw
      It is to prevent people from camping in world guards in the event that their faction base is under attack. We are not going to measure everything you claim to the exact block count, but you should ensure that anything you claim is more than 100 blocks away from a world guard.

      In the case of you and ThePartyGuest, he was the main person who made a mistake. He should have initially checked that he was far enough away from that world guard before he claimed. Realistically if another faction has already claimed land you shouldn't have to worry about checking for world guards. I made an exception tonight because the area wasn't a faction base and it was his actual house. In the future I would likely let the claim stand as it was.
    7. link564
      okay thank you jigs it makes much more sense, thanks for explaining it to me
    8. Crossfire1216
      Nice job Jigsey c: You've outdone yourself this time :D

      And you better have not lied to my only faction member! I am the only one who makes Valdeek/Keedlav cry!
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    9. iLizzy
      Sound like a place where people will die alot in
    10. link564
      why not make all wg into pvp?
      since peacefuls have thier ability and pvp cant hide inside a no-pvp all day
      and if you dont want to be killed while building or something joins a peaceful faction or deal with the pvp, since your in a pvp faction i think it should be part of the risks
    11. Jigsaw
      No, that won't happen.
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    12. Jigsaw
      Updates 1/12/2014
      • Experience is now enabled for all mobs except cow, chicken, pig, and sheep.
      • Live map is back and working (for the time being).
      Since the faction changes require faction admins to actually do a relatively large amount of work at short notice I have decided that all factions have until 1/18/2014 to comply with the new faction base requirement. All other faction rules are still in effect.
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    13. Zombiekittey
      Can a peaceful faction claim land already in a wg? and can they be claimed? I'm not sure if I missed it on the new factions rules, this is a lot to take in :p
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    14. Jigsaw
      You can claim land inside world guards that you own if you are peaceful.
    15. psychic94
      I'd like to suggest a center warp for the wasteland world.

      I also have a question about the new faction rules. The new rules state claims may be made in any primary world and that the land becomes property of the faction. Many existing structures exist that are not world guarded and are not related to factions. Other than making a world guard, what measures can be taken and/or what rules are in place so that such structures are not claimed and then griefed?
      Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
    16. Zombiekittey
      Is wasteland going to be a warzone like bg? and will livemap be enabled on it? :D
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    17. dgallegos2
      Livemap should be enabled. Wasteland should be feared. I think it should be a warzone so peacefuls are in danger as well.

      Jigsaw would you be able to test this and see if it could be fun or work?
      Last edited: Jan 13, 2014
    18. punkrocks_rules
      this might be a stupid question but will our buildings still be in adventure?
    19. dgallegos2
      Yeah, adventure was only extended and isn't goin to be cleared. Anything you build in wasteland will be cleared
    20. punkrocks_rules
      oh ok :D

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