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By Jigsaw on Jan 11, 2014 at 2:07 PM
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    MutinyCraft 2.0

    In an attempt to change the server for the better the staff and I have decided to introduce some major changes to the server. This was discussed in depth by several Support Admins and myself while also looking at the recommendations that many players have made in the past. We feel this is a change for the better which will allow players to have a more enjoyable time on the server while still creating a friendly and competitive community.


    Wasteland will be a new world on MutinyCraft that will be created on 1/18/2014. This world will not be like any other world we have had before as it will be regenerated every few weeks. The main purpose of this world will be for resource gathering. Anything built in this world will be deleted when the new world is generated. There will be no world guards, warps, or locked items allowed in this world. However, unlike the current Battleground world, you will be allowed to set home and have access to jobs.

    This new world will be approximately 1,500 x 1,500 and will consist of 4 protected warps on the North, South, West, and East edges of the map.


    Battleground will be replaced by Wasteland. There will no longer be a faction specific world as there was in the past (keep reading to find out why). Anything you wish to salvage in this world should be removed before 1/18/2014 when this world will be deleted. It is understandable people do not want to lose items or builds in Battleground, but the world is under utilized and is no longer needed.


    Adventure has been expanded 2,000 blocks in each direction. Adventure will now be 20,000 x 20,000 which brings it to the same size as the other two normal worlds. All of the new chunks will be generated as 1.7 chunks and they will be found on the edges of the world. Again, this change has already been put into place. Start exploring now!


    The way factions work will be changing in several significant ways. At the moment there are many factions that exist with no real purpose. In order to change this we are introducing some great changes. This was recommended by several people in the past, but it didn't seem like a viable solution without tons of rules to prevent abuse. However, I believe we have worked out some great and simple to follow rules that will make factions much more enjoyable and purposeful.

    There are too many changes to mention here and I recommend that everyone reads the new faction rules here.

    Experience (Minecraft experience not MCMMO)

    Previously you were only allowed to gain experience for killing mobs in certain worlds. As of this point forward you will be able to gain experience from mobs and mining in any world on the server. This is similar to vanilla minecraft. This change was added to increase the ease of gaining experience in order to enchant items.
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jan 11, 2014.

    1. Jigsaw
      Please ask any questions that you may have as I'm sure other people have similar questions.
    2. hamman37
      Very good, just the lose of main faction world but other thst very good. Is Greif allowed in WasteLand?
    3. Hairycaveman
      Hamman it doesn't matter I wouldn't think because it'd reset all the time and jigsaw I don't think the active beacon thing is a good idea beacons are expensive and smaller new leaders might want to create a faction on top of the 100k they already spent they have to buy a beacon for 800k not including the fact that this rule with massively increase the cost of beacons because who wants another faction that could raid them?

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    4. Jigsaw
      Wasteland will be a world for collecting resources and not building. Therefore, grief is not punishable in that world.
      It is true that beacons are expensive, but by the time a player reaches the rank of Leader he should have at least one beacon. This was a tough decision to make as I had the same concern as you did. However, I believe it isn't too much to ask. As long as you manager your faction well enough you shouldn't have to worry about losing it.
    5. Hairycaveman
      I thought of one more point people should know who they want in their faction and they could split the cost but like I said in the last note the price will skyrocket and with no way to get the beacons naturally it's hard... I don't have one and I was planning on making a faction but I changed my mind because of this fact it's just to expensive

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    6. Jigsaw
      You can get them naturally by getting the skulls from wither skeletons in the nether. You can also get them from vote points and from event points. It really isn't that hard to get a beacon.
    7. Hairycaveman
      You can make beacons with wither skeletons?

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    8. Jigsaw
      You spawn a wither, kill it, and collect the wither star. You use that to make the beacon.
    9. AraduRIS
      Epic. :D
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    10. cade510
      The thing I question, is why do we have to have 9 diamond blocks in the base, I understand the purpose, to promote raiding, but why diamond blocks, we should at least be able to pick between emerald, gold, or diamond blocks.
    11. Jigsaw
      The same reason that you need to have a beacon. It is insurance that factions take their base serious.
    12. valdeek
      4:53 PM - {MOG} ValdeekeedlaV: You should make tnt and fire enabled in it too
      4:53 PM - {MOG} ValdeekeedlaV: :D?
      4:56 PM - Jigsaw: Okay
      4:56 PM - Jigsaw: I will >:eek:
      4:54 PM - {MOG} ValdeekeedlaV: Suit my pyromaniac needs
      4:54 PM - {MOG} ValdeekeedlaV: :"D

      If you lied to me, I will cry.
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    13. Domino7897
      Say a faction has a Wg on their Faction base and or faction territory, can it still be claimed by another faction and what will happen to that wg after the 2 days if they can?
    14. K00SH
      Will Live Map be enabled in Wasteland?
    15. Jigsaw
      You can't have a world guard within 100 blocks of claimed land.
      No. It wouldn't be reasonable to delete the map files every time the world is reset.
    16. dgallegos2
      Question about xp and mob spawners:

      Are we able to get XP from spawners that we buy? So we can buy like 10 cow spawners and get shit loads of xp?
    17. link564
      this is great just needa fix livemap!!!
    18. Aceposiedon
      The biggest issue I see with this is if a faction claims land then someone cannot have a world guard within 100 blocks of it. You are allowed to build within 20 blocks are you not? Can you please explain that to me? I am confused.
    19. Jigsaw
      XP from purchased spawners will not be enabled for obvious reasons.
      Live map should be back up tomorrow.
      You can build wherever you want in regards to another faction's claimed area. Think of the claimed area as free-for-all area. Any claimed land is not protected by grief rules (including the 20 block rule).

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