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Discussion in 'News from the Admin' started by Jigsaw, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    I have talked with a few people about this and they all agreed it would be worth a shot. I am writing this to get the opinions of the players of the server. Please read this entire post before saying yes or no. If you do reply here, please write short comment about why you agree or why you don't agree.

    Here is the idea.

    As many of you know, mob spawning rates are really low. It is a very rare occurrence to see natural mobs in high ratios. I have a few ideas about why this is and that is what this post will address.

    I am assuming that mob spawners (the actual blocks) are to blame for most of the issues with low mob counts. Players have built structures around mob spawners that allow mobs to spawn and then they carry them far enough away via water (or some other means) that the spawner will continue to spawn. At one point in time I witnessed over 600 skeletons in a 1x1x3 tunnel while a player (I wont mention a name) was just afking there like it was hist job.

    Those 600 mobs do have an affect on the entire server. There is a maximum number of mobs that the server will allow to spawn. This number varies depending on players online, mobs already spawned, players locations, and a few other variables. The main thing is the mobs that are already spawned. For example; a realistic number for mobs on the server at any given time is about 1,200. If there are 600 skeletons spawned in a 1x1x3 tunnel that means half the server's mob count is already gone. That is ridiculous.

    My proposal is to completely disable mob spawners. Now, don't freak out and blow up with "OMG NO". Just listen to my thought process. If we disable mob spawners the number of mobs that spawn will be 100% natural. That means legitimate mob grinders will (hopefully) work once again and mobs when walking around in the wild will (hopefully) appear much more frequently.

    This would need to be tested to confirm if it actually works. I really don't know if it will, but I think it is worth a shot. If you agree with trying this out for a day or two, please comment and say why you think it is a good idea. If you don't agree, please comment and say why you think this is a bad idea.
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  2. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    I defiantly think it's worth a shot.
  3. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    Did you mistype or do you actually mean defiantly. :eek:

    Defiantly - Marked by defiance; boldly resisting.
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  4. JThomas0786

    JThomas0786 Supporter

    My question is, would this be per world? Or every world?
  5. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    I would likely test it in one world. However, the mob spawn count is for the entire server. Is isn't dependent on each world. What is your concern? If you mention why you ask that I am sure I can address it more adequately.
  6. JThomas0786

    JThomas0786 Supporter

    I didn't know if it was going to effect the XP grinders in BG. Honestly. I agree with this I'd like to see more natural spawning mobs.
  7. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    Those are the grinders that cause the most problems. If it worked, it would hopefully allow the use of legitimate mob grinders.
  8. JThomas0786

    JThomas0786 Supporter

    Ok. Count me in. Yes.
  9. MrExodeux

    MrExodeux Active Member

    I am all for this, More mob spawning will mean it will help with natural taming instead of wild MA tactics, or the temptations to break the rules to get Legend for example.

    I think its worth a shot.

    Also a question considering MA. Since MA "spawns" mobs, does that also work toward total mob count?
    Never tested this theory before.
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  10. Vol2112

    Vol2112 Retired

    There is definitely an issue as it is now so I think its worth at least testing it.
  11. BroncoBuster25

    BroncoBuster25 Supporter

    Count me in on this.
  12. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

    I like the whole idea of restoring the natural habitat of mobs with this plan.

    Count me in ;)
  13. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

    Jigsaw I am not that savvy with Minecraft Server stuff, but is there a way to limit mob spawns for each world, or is it only all together? And I don't see why not we should try it; I'm all for new ideas. If this was to happen, when would the testing be (what day/week)?
  14. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    I too know the OP power of Mob spawners, i went afk next to a spawner "Accidental, since i have my sound off" when i came back "This was about 45 minutes" There was 160 Mobs in the container...

    I do believe actual mob grinders are alot more powerful and better than Mob spawner blocks.

    I know that Renegade have 2 Skele spawners close to each other. and we only have one which can get us to 30 exp in less than 15 minutes...

    So yes i believe disabling mob spawners is a fantastic idea and would benefit the server widely

    My question is...
    Will this affect bought mob spawners, and blaze mob spawners in the nether?
  15. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

    That is pretty much my question as well. Maybe there is a way to cap mob spawns per world and not just the server all together. Lets say a few people are using mob grinders and I want to go to the nether to get some gold from pigmen. What if there are only a few pigmen in the nether due to the other people afk'ing in mob grinders?


    And Jigsaw, I really do not want to be the devils advocate here, but if this did happen, you should still try to keep the mob spawning kind of low because I always thought the main reason of the mobs not spawning was because mcMMO stats were too easy to obtain when grinders worked.
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  16. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Hell.. Built mob spawners aren't op trust me ;p

    Search up "End Grinder"

    Now i didnt believe this when i first saw it.

    I tried it. and got from 0 swords. to 800 swords in... 3 days..

    An end grinder is simply put. the Most efficient grinder there is.

    so a normal Main world grinder compared to that isnt even half as good, Plus the mats u need to build a good one, Balance it out alot :)
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  17. cakeislife

    cakeislife Retired

    It's a great idea! But I'm scared for if it doesn't work :(
  18. Rhyno1605

    Rhyno1605 Well-Known Member

    I like the Idea of disabling mob spawner. There are so many ways to get XP now other then mobs. We have fishing, mining and smelting. I never really liked the Idea of having mob spawners.
  19. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    Sounds great to me. This would also turn off Sheep/Cow/Chicken/Pig spawners too? I am in favor in turning off all spawners honestly. It would be more challenging to manage livestock as intended. And you know me, I'm always wanting to make things on the server more challenging.
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  20. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

    Now that you mention it, if that should be the case /warp food wouldnt exist anymore and there would actually be a food economy. :me-gusta:
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