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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 3, 2015.

By Jigsaw on Feb 3, 2015 at 7:28 PM
  1. Jigsaw

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    Starting tomorrow, February 4th, Mojang will allow you to change your minecraft username. Do not change your username until after you have read this complete post and understand all of the consequences. You will not receive any sympathy from the MutinyCraft staff if you choose to ignore this warning.

    How to change your username

    What you need to know:
    • mcMMO: You will lose all of your mcMMO stats and you will be an Outsider.
    • LWC: You will lose all of your locked items that have been locked previous to the 1.8 update.
    What you can do if you still want to change your name:
    • mcMMO: There is nothing you can do about your mcMMO stats. You will need to start completely over at Citizen and work your way back up the ranks. When we have an updated version of mcMMO you will then be able to change your name and retain your stats.
    • LWC: Unlock all of your items (unless you know they were locked after the 1.8 update) and relock them with /lock
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 3, 2015.

    1. dgallegos2
      You're leaving just because of this little skirmish? You called him out and he responded. You didn't expect that?

      If you're leaving due to the name change, just wait a bit and can change it back, right?

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    2. Zombiekittey
      How does this change affect WG's? If a player is added to your WG and changes their name what happens to their items? Technically they are active but according the WG they would not be? Would the WG owner be able to unlock these items or have them removed?
    3. Aceposiedon
      I would love to know the answer to this as well... do we just change the name of the person on the wg or how does that work and also is there anyway to find out who needs to have their permissions changed or should we just wait til they contact us?
    4. Jigsaw
      World guard regions aren't affected by name changes. If you are added to a world guard and change your name you will still be part of that world guard. It goes off of UUID and not username. The first post in this thread lists the two plugins that do not support name changes.
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    5. Zombiekittey
      Great, cause my ass hat boyfriend changed my other account's IGN :3
    6. Aceposiedon
      Again just clarifying that this will be updated in the future, so the possibility of a name change and still retaining your stuff could happen later?
    7. Jigsaw
      If you change your name now you will lose your MCMMO stats and locked items (locked prior to 1.8 update) permanently. If you wait until we have updated plugins you will be fine.
    8. Swag Muffins
      Swag Muffins
      Ricky I can take over xp for you <3 you will be missed. I hope that MCMMO and everything works again sometime so we can see you again. (I would like it under cyber_survivor my regular account)
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    9. Swag Muffins
      Swag Muffins
      Oh and Jigsaw I think MCMMO might have released a version with UUIDs also.
    10. Jigsaw
      I'm aware of that, but I need to test it first. A fellow server owner I know had all his player's stats reset when he tried it.
    11. Swag Muffins
      Swag Muffins
      If you would like, I could set up some test servers, log on with alts and stuff, and send you some info. What plugin do you use for the ranks so I can do some testing with that.
    12. Jigsaw
      I need to test it using Mutiny's database. There isn't anything you can really do to help test that.
    13. Swag Muffins
      Swag Muffins
      Maybe you could just make a backup of the server, and database and everything and do a test for awhile? I don't know what database you use but on my old one you could back it up.
    14. Jigsaw
      The testing isn't the problem, it's finding the time to do it. I know what I need to do. I have other commitments that do not leave me much free time. I will get to this when I can, but right now it is not high priority.
    15. M1N3CR4FTdude123
      I understand this, and in my opinion I think that anyone past now shouldn't be able to change their name and get their stuff, it only takes time, and there's no real point in it.
    16. maxbs25
      So, lemme get something straight, if I change my name and lose all my stuff, if I change it back in 30 days to the exact words "maxbs25" will i get all my mcmmo and vote points back?? pls reply thx :D
    17. Jigsaw
      Possibly, but not guaranteed. If some plugins are update between then and now you could lose some things.
    18. maxbs25
      oh ok thx jigsaw for replying :D i just wanted to know :)
    19. maxbs25
      dont wanna do it then find i cant ever get it back XD
    20. Jackalo
      I was just wanting to follow up on this and ask if all MutinyCraft plugins now supported username changes, or if it was still a manual process for you.

      I've been holding off on a username change because I didn't want to burden you. :)

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