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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jun 28, 2013.

By Jigsaw on Jun 28, 2013 at 8:59 AM
  1. Jigsaw

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    MutinyCraft now is updated to 1.6.2.

    Previous post:

    Minecraft (not MutinyCraft) will be updating to 1.6 on July 1st and with this update comes a bunch of additions to the game-play. The most notable new additions are horses and stained clay blocks. With this update there is also an all new minecraft launcher that everyone will be required to get. The good news about this launcher is that you can upgrade and downgrade freely with the click of a button. That means you can play 1.6 and then downgrade back to 1.5.2 or the other way around.

    MutinyCraft will not be updating to 1.6 until some of the plugins we use are updated to work with the new version. The wait could be anywhere from a few days to more than a week. As soon as all of the plugins are updated and everything is stable we will update. Until then you can freely switch back and forth between 1.5.2 and 1.6 so you wont miss out on any game time on MutinyCraft.

    There are some questions about how horses and horse armor will work on multiplayer. Horses may be too hard to find and if that is the case adjustments will be made to the server to ensure that horses are not impossible to find. Horse armor is not craftable at the moment and only obtainable from certain chests that generate randomly. Those will be few and far between and that will also be taken into consideration. We want everyone to at least get the opportunity to use the new features on MutinyCraft and we will make sure it isn't impossible to do that.

    I encourage everyone to checkout the 1.6 update either when it comes out on July 1st or by trying the pre-release that I will link to you below.

    Minecraft 1.6 pre-release: https://mojang.com/2013/06/minecraft-1-6-pre-release/
    Minecraft 1.6 changes: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Upcoming_features#1.6:_Horse_Update
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jun 28, 2013.

    1. -Nolan
      No, kidding. XD

      Minecraft 1.6 is gonna be awesome.
    2. dgallegos2
      So, will you have to extend the normal world so we can find them in mob spawner or mineshaft chests? Or will they randomly generate into those chests?
    3. Jigsaw
      There are no plans to expand any of the rules at this point in time. Once the update is released and more is known about how things work I will make a decision. Until then I can't tell you 100% what will happen. All I can say is that people will be able to get horses and horse armor eventually.
    4. LordCornbread
      I was actually planning on not updating, hehe. Thanks for reminding me about the new launcher, I'm really excited!
    5. grantdevine
      Are horse mob spawners likely to be included in the update do you know? If so will we be able to buy them?
    6. DAChubon
      I'm confused on the launcher, is it like a new one, kinda like a tekkit launcher, minecraft but a new program you need to use
    7. Jigsaw
      You should see the new launcher tomorrow. It just lets you choose the version and looks a bit different.
    8. Jigsaw
      Update: Apparently you can't choose 1.5.2 if you download the new launcher. This may not be true, but from what I saw the only option is for 1.6 as of right now. I recommend that everyone keep the old minecraft launcher for the time being.

      Disregards this! You can downgrade just fine. :)
    9. LordCornbread
      Hmm.. I can downgrade to 1.5.2 just fine..
    10. Jigsaw
      From the new launcher? Maybe mine was just derped. I will try when I get home from work.
    11. LordCornbread
      Yup, from the new launcher. If it still doesn't work, maybe a re-install will?
    12. Jigsaw
      I will try it out. Thanks fire the info! :)
    13. LordCornbread
      My pleasure jigs :)
      ok im going offline now
    14. Ipuntbabyz
      For Mac, on the launcher there is tab called profile editor with (version name), (version), and (Username). I was able to change back to 1.5.2 after spending a good couple hours raiding villages and burning the countryside on horseback in 1.6 by double clicking the number under (version) and selecting 1.5.2 (it showed 1.5.1, 1.5.2, and 1.6.1 as the options to choose from).

      Not sure if this is equivalent on Windows however.
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    15. Jigsaw
      Yeah, it works for me now. :3
    16. Samuri_Bake_Pie
    17. cakeislife
      i hate the new launcher
    18. Jigsaw
      Update: MutinyCraft should be updating to 1.6 Wednesday, July 3rd or Thursday, July 4th unless there are unforeseen problems with the latest versions of 1.6. I'm currently in the process of testing 1.6 on MutinyCraft's test server and things seem to be working very well. However, we are still waiting on a few plugins to update in order to ensure everything is working 100%.

      Expect the server to be whitelisted for about an hour when the update happens. This will allow the staff and I to test all of the core features of the server and make sure there are no bugs. More information will be posted on this when the update time is determined.
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    19. ThePartyGuest
      I feel the same way

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