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By Jigsaw on Feb 29, 2012 at 9:50 PM
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    Minecraft will likely be releasing 1.2 tomorrow (March 1, 2012). If you still want to play on the server until it is updated you must click "Not Now" when minecraft prompts you to update. If you do not click "Not Now" you will update your minecraft client and will be unable to connect to the server until we can update. Updating servers takes more time than it does to update a client because we have to wait for CraftBukkit and all of the plugins to update. Most have been preparing for the release of 1.2 and it should only be a few days at the most before we can update.

    If you really want to try 1.2 and see what new features it has, just make a copy of your minecraft.jar file and save it somewhere before you update. Then if you ever want to go back to 1.1 you can just drag and drop the 1.1 minecraft.jar into your .minecraft folder.

    How to go from 1.1 to 1.2 and 1.2 to 1.1 on Windows:

    • Click the Windows button on your desktop
      Enter %APPDATA% into the windows search box yes include the % symbols
      Open your .minecraft folder
      Open the bin folder
      Create a folder somewhere you can find again
      Right click the minecraft.jar file and select copy
      Go to your newly created folder
      Right click anywhere in the new folder and select paste
      Now you may upgrade your minecraft client
      To go back to 1.1 just replace the minecraft.jar with the one you saved in the folder you created
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 29, 2012.

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    1. Jigsaw
      I plan on updating the server on Friday, March 9th at around 4:00 PM. I know this is 4 days away and I also know that some server are also running 1.2, but I have a lot of things I will be updating and changing and that is the soonest day I will have enough time to do all of it. I thought about updating now and just adding the things I wanted to at a later time, but I decided against it. CraftBukkit still has yet to release an actual recommended build and any server that is 1.2 is using their beta build which is fairly stable, but still has some bugs. If I had more time to monitor the server I would definitely upgrade now, but I don't have the time this week.

      Just so everyone has something to look forward to, here is what I plan on adding this Friday.

      Planned Updates:

      • Update server to 1.2.3
        Update all plugins
        Re-add the Live Map for all worlds except BattleGround
        Add a new rank between Leader/Pioneer and Commander
        Add for testing a CTF and TDM plugin (If no lag or major issues this will be kept)
        Add for testing MobArena plugin (If no lag or major issues this will be kept)
        ...and possibly more
    2. Jigsaw
      Important! Read This:
      Before I update on Friday everyone should place all their items and armor in a chest and not have it in your inventory. I will be cleaning the user data files and you will likely lose everything that is in your inventory if you don't store it in a chest. This will have no affect on you mcMMO stats, Job stats, money, or anything like that. The only thing that will be affected is your inventory and possibly the location you were at the last time you logged off.

      Another important thing is to log on as soon as you can after I update to 1.2.3 to ensure that all of your chests are still locked. I have tested the LWC database on a test server and everything seemed to transfer over fine from 1.1 to 1.2.3, but just make sure you double check that all your things are still locked.
    3. Jigsaw

      You should make sure you do all these things before and as soon as you can after the server is updated to 1.2 on Friday, March 9th.

      • 1. Place anything that is in your player inventory inside of a chest. (Your inventory will be cleared while maintenance is performed on the user files.)
        2. Make sure the two /home positions that you want are not /home home and /home bed. They must have an actual name like /home 1 or /home farm etc.
        3. Check to make sure all of your chests, doors, furnaces, trapdoors, gates, etc... are all still locked. (This should not be an issue, but is just precautionary)
        4. If you have a zone open a /pe for a Support Admin or Admin to expand the zone to the new map height. (There is no cost for this!)
        5. Report any bugs on the forum as soon as you find them.

      If you do the things mentioned above this update should go very well.
    4. Jigsaw
      Server is updated to 1.2.3! Please use IP: mc.mutinycraft.com to connect for now and the play.mutinycraft.com should work in about 12-24 hours when the DNS records are updated. You can use either IP after that.
    5. Jigsaw
      Server is updated to 1.2.4. If you have any problems or find bugs lets us know. :)
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