Micromonkeys leader request

Discussion in 'Leader Promotion Request' started by Micromonkey, Dec 20, 2011.


Does Micromonkey deserve leader?

Poll closed Dec 24, 2011.
  1. 2) No

    12 vote(s)
  2. 1) Yes

    21 vote(s)
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  1. Micromonkey

    Micromonkey New Member

    I Micromonkey am requesting to be considered for the rank of leader

    supreme warrior


    i am a very nice person (out of pvp) and is responsible for my faction members actions and will not tolerate miss behavior and would like a non peaceful faction because it takes away the true experience of pvp.
  2. Ghostblade159

    Ghostblade159 New Member

    I'm in you have my support sport :D XDDDDD.
  3. theangrysquirrel

    theangrysquirrel New Member

    Yes all the way!!!
  4. Rickbox

    Rickbox Supporter

    added :) luck poll good ,
  5. seanpr

    seanpr Supporter

    Definitely yes, hope you get enough votes!
  6. 0SV4LD0

    0SV4LD0 Active Member

    You are not favorable in pvp I will admit. I do wish you would turn your style around. you make plenty peolpe mad with your cheap tactics and constant hiding. I will also however give you the benefit of the doubt. You town seems to be in good shape and i believe that counts for something. Keep it up man.
  7. Raid4Kill

    Raid4Kill New Member

    sorry no yuo being a troll earlier
  8. Samuri_Bake_Pie

    Samuri_Bake_Pie Well-Known Member

    Yup, agreeing with Raid. You were extremely rude to someone who left your faction and threatening to remove their house. And then you said kon sucked. Defiantly not leader worthy.

    ADDED: Also, you seem to have a short temper and are pushing disrespect with mods because you also said later that I was a horrible mod and shouldn't be one or something like that because I killed you at a warp.
  9. Pomen

    Pomen Supporter

    uh oh micro, looks like the votes are tight. well i gave you a yes, hope you will return the favor when the time comes. i wish you luck bro
  10. gamerboy900

    gamerboy900 Member

    I do hate you during pvp, but outside of that your nice from what I've seen. Yes :D
  11. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Micro, i do believe you are a noob in pvp :p but leader includes all skills, not only warrior so i dont know what your like outside of pvp, but i do think your a good person inside, the reason you get so many no votes, is because people like fair players, i usually pvp with NOTHING but my fists, and I usually kill more people than someone in full iron armor, Respect is earned by been a fair player, and sometimes you arnt, you usually do things like, come in full diamond, or shoot arrows at people, instead of coming with an iron sword and fighting normally, even if you die ALOT, people cant call you a noob, because your been a fair player, i respect people who fight unarmed or with swords.

    Im going to Vote yes Because you are a good guy and as i said i dont know how you are outside of pvp but you seem like a good guy, if you dont get leader, Prove that you can change to everyone and they'll vote yes on your next app, Best of luck on this one :)
  12. drummondrd

    drummondrd New Member

    i dont know ya but some people i do know voted yes, so i i will good luck
  13. minqyukim

    minqyukim New Member

    Yes, we have had our share of annoyance with eachother. But in general putting our own problems aside you have a nice town and you are noticable at pvp (sometimes for the worse) :p But looking at other peoples comments i can see your still a bit impulsive and rude to your fellow peers. (some of much higher rank than you) So I must say no :(

    I really like the town though! I hope we can get to know each others better sides :)
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re-added the poll because it made absolutley no sense. You have an extra 3 days to vote guys. Whoever did the poll please don't make one like that again. Thanks :)
  15. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    Reminder you must now get 20 yes votes to achieve Leader rank.
  16. Micromonkey

    Micromonkey New Member

    Yeah thanks guys I would really like to get this position I have worked my butt off to get here and thanks sam and raid because it helps me see were I need to work on my skills in pvp. I'm not being a smarty I'm just wanting to iprove in everything I do.
  17. arabswag6

    arabswag6 New Member

    Definatly yes Micro!
    Hope u win bro!
  18. arabswag69

    arabswag69 New Member

    I support you dude, hope you win! MMS!
  19. Computer

    Computer Supporter

    yes you're pretty cool
  20. SightGFX

    SightGFX Supporter

    Definately yes, Great Guy :D
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