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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Apr 13, 2013.

By Jigsaw on Apr 13, 2013 at 9:18 AM
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    We have decided to cap most of the MCMMO skills in order to encourage people to train other skills and broaden their horizons. The majority of players will never reach the level caps and that is what the intention is. However, there are a few players who enjoy training MCMMO very frequently and we feel it would be beneficial to the server if they train other skills rather than getting a single skill to very high numbers.

    If the current cap is lower than your previous skill level in that class then your skill level will be lowered to the cap value. From my count there is a total of 3 players who will have their power level adjusted by a very small number. If you do get your power level adjusted you will receive an in-game mail explaining that.

    MCMMO Level Caps:
    • Acrobatics: 2500
    • Archery: 3000
    • Axes: 3000
    • Excavation: 3000
    • Fishing: 850
    • Herbalism: 3000
    • Mining: 3000
    • Repair: 2500
    • Smelting: 2000
    • Swords: 2500
    • Taming: 3000
    • Unarmed: 3000
    • Woodcutting: 2500
    Maximum MCMMO Power Level: 31850 (not including Smelting)

    If anyone has any questions or concerns please reply to this post. Don't complain just for the sake of complaining, please. :)
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Apr 13, 2013.

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    1. Ipuntbabyz
      What if you have already surpassed the cap for a specific skill? Will the skill be lowered to the cap?
    2. cowttrim
    3. Jigsaw
      Reading is fun.
    4. AraduRIS
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    5. Crazykitteh29
    6. cakeislife
      unarmed so close!
    7. r0adk1ll
      when is this going to happen? my acro is still above the cap
    8. Jigsaw
      It should be correct now.
    9. Aceposiedon
      Jigsaw... Mcedit your skills xD
    10. Jigsaw
      I will if I am over the cap. :D
    11. Aceposiedon
    12. Konstruckt
      I speculated this might happen.
    13. Vol2112
      Want a cookie? :>
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    14. Konstruckt
      Only if you sign it first.
    15. Axelmotley
      -twitches- This is the only one that doesn't have two zero's in it.. QQ Why isn't it like 800 or 900 D: you're killing me D:!
    16. r0adk1ll
      The most likely result of having a max value is they become meaningless over time but will not have the desired effect that you've done it for.

      It will take a while but the number of people on max stats will grow & grow, but gameplay could become more fragmented as people fixate on one activity. The opposite of what you intend.

      CK claims 'the circle will continue' but in reality you come to a dead stop....assuming you need the stats to help in pvp....but with everyone just on a higher stat number.

      If there is no upper limit, people level their stats to the point they are interested in achieving (or require) in the normal course of their gameplay. Once you have a max level, people become OCD about one stat at a time.

      Overall people become interested in stats, not gameplay.

      One final thing...will the list of players on max stat be shown in alphabetic order, or in order of the date they reached it? The latter would at least provide an incentive to reach a stat max first.
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    17. Jigsaw
      I think you are misjudging (again) the time it takes to actually get most of these skills to their maximum. Sure, there are a few skills that are easy to rank up while doing little to nothing. Why should a player who AFKs days on end compete on mctop with players who train combat skills for hours and hours while physically at their computer?
      It sorts alphabetically.
    18. antoinesanta
      This is a really good idea :eek: Imma train my skills more now >:D
    19. rygdahl
      I think its a great idea :) but what is smelting? o_O a new skill?
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