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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Crazykitteh29, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    This is a topic where you can discuss certain aspects of Mcmmo, so people can have your opinion on it!

    Just dont start arguments :eek:

    So. Few things first up for debate.

    Counter Attack on Swords.




  2. Ipuntbabyz

    Ipuntbabyz Retired

    I like counter attack on swords because they help me get out of bad situations when unarmed bozos come at me.

    Never tried smelting, but it sure sounds nifty. Makes me want to get Legend rank when I have the time.

    Axes are less OP than they used to be, I miss it that way, but they're a decent alternative to swords as is.

    Unarmed I still think is a bit overpowered, considering the potential of someone with say 800 unarmed and a Str 2 potion can 3-4 hit someone in full diamond, and even quicker with Beserk. Although it may be the potion or the ability, the thought of someone without any weapons or armor taking down someone with weapons and armor is rather ridiculous.

    Fishing is a bit overhyped due to the AFK fishers that can now be found just about everywhere. I have never done so, therefore I don't really have an opinion on it.
  3. Neofox07

    Neofox07 Supporter Retired

    Well the fishing isnt much of an issue anymore other than free 850 power level. The loot has been significantly reduced and shake does quite a bit of damage to mobs now.

    I also agree with Punt about his views on Unarmed.

    I too miss axes being as effective against armor.

    Ive never really used counter attack on swords so not much to discuss on that for my part.

    Although smelting has me really intrigued! Knowing Im only 500PL from it really motivates me to force myself to grind out the last little bit I need
  4. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    Counter Attack on swords is pretty ridiculous imo. I find myself killing myself from hitting people with swords moreso than people actually hitting me. Typical fight for me, I take out my axe, they take out a diamond sword unenchanted. I hit them once, CRIT, They don't hit me one time with their sword yet, And im running for cover so i can pop a health Potion. They don't even have to attack back for me to die. Then you get high enchants and its basically a potion fest to see who runs out of potions first. Typically I only bring about 6 potions with me because in combat, i dont really have time to swap out health pots in the inventory and i dont cheat and use inventory tweaks that auto fill my hotbars like some people >.> so its gettting pretty difficult now.
  5. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    I rarely use Strength Potions, but if something about Unarmed Combat is goingto chanhe, make it the Str Pots. Unar.ed is my main choice because thats what leveled up quickest for me, I would love to use Axes, but its only a level 215 :(

    I think Smelting should be for the purle ranks. Legends and Titans only use it, well for there smelting needs. I think itwould help the purples a little more.

    Fishing is fine the way it is. Not very easy to rank (So not just anyone can use the fishing abilities).

    Counter Attacks on swords would be pretty sweet. and like what Ipuntbabyz said, it would help against "bozos" coming at you with their fists.

    I also think Repair should be changed a bit. I think the salvaging ability to be brought to 400. But thats just my Opinion.

    And as Jigsaw has said, HE can't change the mcMMO ways.
  6. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Axes are practically useless.

    Which pisses me off. since i have spent alot of time getting them to my level.

    Im not biased at all.

    i have 1K swords aswell as Axes. i prefer axes simply because..

    There a Up-Front weapon, An axe can deal serious damage and should be feared.

    However swords should have counter removed. and replaced with something else, its a good ability. but in PvP you deal blows. you dont just wait for them to be dealt for you. its like someone playing the game for you.

    Axes are extremely Underpowered due to swords. the counter attack which swords deal to axes. is unbelievable.

    The time it takes to get a Sharpness V Axe seems actually useless against a regular sword.

    Axes should be reverted back to how they were. however the Armor damage should be a chance. like critical hit. or even in junction with a critical hit.

    Aka 1 Critical Hit does % Amount of damage to armor.

    This wouldn't be OP since you critical hit chance is maxed at 35% i believe.

    So. When you get struck with Critical hit. it does Double damage. and does the armor damage. which is say. 40 durability.

    Also. as a little. addon to mcmmo. when you get struck by Critical hit. it will make the anvil break noise. for immersion :p

    Now. swords. I believe counter attack should either be when you block. Or completely removed.

    It should be replaced with a more fair ability. i suggest "Blocking"

    Its a simple Passive Ability. Blocking is now a mcmmo Child Skill.

    When you Block. you raise a skill called "Blocking" This also has a Side Ability. "Arcane Deflection"

    at 100 Blocking. you decrease the damage you receive by 10% and 5% Arcane Deflection

    at 500 Blocking you decrease the damage you take by 50% and 25% Arcane Deflection

    This caps at 750 Blocking at 75% however. and 37.5% Arcane Deflection

    at 1000 Blocking you can walk normally whilst blocking. you cannot however. run. Arcane deflection. is a chance where the enchant of an item WILL not affect you. Things like Power, Fire aspect etc. will not take affect.

    This means. that Archery. Axes. unarmed etc. they all can be negated damage.

    Axes will have the somewhat OP Armor Damage.

    Swords will have The ability to block damage AND other enchants,

    Archery. Is already fine. and will fit into this system perfectly.

    And so will Unarmed.
  7. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    what you are suggesting is they basically return axes to their former glory, make them better, and then make swords a worse weapon so that axes dominate everything by a longshot... and you say that that is not op...
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  8. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Its up for debate. thats the whole point of this topic. but at the moment. axes are fricken really really REALLY UnderPowered.

    As i said. i may be biased abit towards axes. but ik the best of both worlds. Since i have 1K in both axes and swords.

    Im saying that Axes should be made How they were. but instead of VERY OP, they will be made to be fair.

    Axes are meant to be scary. remember at Fuzz when you pulled out an axe. and everyone ran for there lives and armor?

    Thats what axes are meant to be.

    Its meant to be the more.. Heavyduty weapon. Similar to the Support class in a Game.

    Where they have a huge gun. and lots of ammo.
  9. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    axes are meant for chopping down trees, and sometimes being used as a weapon, i think the true meaning of swords is to scare them. i think the better addition to mcmmo would be buffing swords to give them a slight dmg increase. and nerfing axes dmg but increasing armor dmg a bit. not nearly to it original amount
  10. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    You were all over the place..
  11. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    :D awesome idea!

    Lets make Sticks an instakill

    And make Leather armor give you god mode aswell! ;D

    There's 2 types of axes.


    and Wood axe's

    Obviously since Minecraft doesn't have both. Mcmmo has to do with what it has.

    So. an axe in mcmmo is basically both combined.

    A Hatchet is a seriously Gruesome weapon, they are a harder hitting weapon than swords. much heavier and are MEANT to do more damage than a sword. So they are feared.

    a Sword. cant hit as hard as a axe can. but axes cannot block. swords can. Axes advantage are been the "Heavier" type. your suggestion is making swords a Heavier weapon. which basically makes axes practically useless.

    Axe armor damage IS op, i must admit. i'd be pissed if my armor was axed off my body. but Part of Mcmmo is having the ability to use different abilities.

    Axes Skull split. Jesus Christ. its like forcefield.

    and swords Serrated strikes does damage over time. so. over time, swords do actually compare to axes.

    But i come back to my point. Axes are a harder hitting weapon, meaning they do instant damage. Swords do damage over time.

    Now. Counter attack. is totally against that. counter attack somewhat makes axes useless. BECAUSE it does Instant damage. which makes axes the non-preferred option.

    Without Counter attack. it wouldn't be fair. At ALL. but. with my idea of a blocking technique. axes can be Nerfed down. if you time it right with a sword. and since you cant do damage over time with an axe. you can beat someone with a sword. You get my point?
  12. TurretBud

    TurretBud Active Member

    Nah... I think the axe is sort of good how it is, its like a strong sort of weapon in most games, and here it does a lot of damage, the armor thing is just a bonus sorta like bleed. Swords aren't exactly really good either, a fight can go either way if played correctly and I think thats how its suppose to be. As of now you can't just go axe ham on someone and kill em in 2 seconds because you have to watch out for counters if you removed counters swords would be utterly useless, and that blocking ability would be extremely op if you just sat there blocking. The only thing I think is that archery should cap at 150% damage and that unarmed damage should be halved, its not really fair that unarmed does as much damage as an expensive weapon and you can just die over and over and not lose it. Maybe swords counter could be reduced to 20% cap.
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  13. littlebambino

    littlebambino Forum Moderator Moderator

    I say remove all pvp stats. Keep mining, smelting, etc. But in my opinion, I believe all pvp stats should be removed. When new players join the server and want to pvp. I think they would have more fun pvping without all these people with 1k archery, 1k swords etc. It will even out the playing field. Reply with your opinions.
  14. Crazykitteh29

    Crazykitteh29 Supporter

    Thats a good idea, but i believe the sword and enchantment should depend on how much damage the counter will do to the Other player.

    If you pvp'd me. i had a Sharp V diamond axe.

    You had a wooden sword.

    The wooden sword would win. i guarentee you xD

    even though in reality, that axe would calve straight through a wooden axe, hell a axe would have an easy time destroying a stone or even an iron sword.

    Maybe.. Counter does damage to the sword? not sure, its a good idea about reducing the counter, but at the same time, it wouldn't change the fact, that a wooden sword would own a sharp V axe O.O
  15. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    Guess what else, in reality you can't put a saddle on a pig and ride it, and you can't drink potions that give you effects, and you can't create a wither. Minecraft nor mcmmo are based on reality, and I think you need to realize this. If you honestly want to tell people how you want mcmmo to change, then accept their defense, rather then trying to make their idea sound stupid. IMO you should take up your disputes with the devs, but for now, you should accept how mcmmo is, or talk to someone who has the power to.

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