Map Ideas For Survival Games!

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Do you think or believe that this will be a great addition to the SurvivalGames?

  1. YES, because it would add some hype and excitement into the survival games.

  2. NO, because it would take for ever to build.

  1. Mutiny Craft's Survival Games! One of the best events on the server! What would make them better would be adding new customs maps, it will still have the effects of the regular survival games on the server, but it would add some hype to the survival games! The ones I'd like to see in the Survival Games would be like a Jungle Village, or the giant house of ruins! But the good sides of the maps would be that most of the kits would work 100% fool proof if you're going to set up traps! For any disguise kits in the survival games, *wink* *wink*, you could basically be invisible, to any kits, unless they spot the difference. And if you like to snipe and be hidden, hide in the buildings, or structure, so you can pick your enemies off, one by one! These kits will work better than the wild, because you can do so much more with the custom maps than the wildlife.

    Maps that should be in the survival games!:

    Jungle Village

    Ruined city(ies)

    A giant villager village

    A island

    Egypt (with pyramid)

    Witches Swamp

    Maybe Hogwarts
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  2. I hope this add on will soon be in the survivalgames! :D
  3. chicken7651

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    *sees hogwarts option*
    mirkwood should be there as well
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    I vote Hogwarts yessssssss

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