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Discussion in 'Pictures / Videos' started by Dr. Derpy, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    I figured I'd post some of these works for the newer members of the community, and for older members to look back upon. I've set up an imgur with some of them, and tagging parties involved. The painting was done by evanstevensevan , with the Umbreon mural being completed by CecilDragoon. Who the statues represent will be provided within the link. :)

    AraduRIS EtherSong cakeislife Rainbowc0l0rs K00SH

  2. Goliath_153

    Goliath_153 Supporter

    I remember going there to hunt you once, and instead of killing you we walked around talking about those statues ;-;
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  3. dgallegos2

    dgallegos2 Supporter

    Mto has a way of finding a peaceful approach to things. You don't realize it but you got played.
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  4. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    I remember that too! You were in your faction, and we started to get to know eachother after that O_O'

    I know...I was sort of weird. Aggressive for a Peaceful member, diplomatic for a PvP leader...well, until TheShield. Then I just sort of became a salty SOB who hunted more than half the server into going peaceful and killing PvP....again....again....again. :p
  5. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    cool stuff
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  6. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I appreciate it a lot :)
  7. evanstevensevan

    evanstevensevan RepoMan Staff Member Repo Man Supporter

    I got a matching one @Dr. Derpy
  8. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    Awesome, I think I recognize a few older projects too O_O'
  9. Dr. Derpy

    Dr. Derpy Well-Known Member

    If that's what you want to call it. My character on the server sort of evolved as the server did.

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