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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by psychic94, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. psychic94

    psychic94 Supporter

    I think woodcutting should be an alternative stat to taming. The only efficient way to get 1000 taming is using support in ma, and many people despise ma. Also, they have a couple similarities. They are both a pain to level, they are both unpopular due to relative uselessness, and as a result, they lower stats on mctop than the other stats. The main reason I think this would be a good change, is I dont like the idea of people being required to get a certain stat, they should have a choice.
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  2. Vol2112

    Vol2112 Retired

    I think its fine. Shows dedication :p
  3. Rhyno1605

    Rhyno1605 Well-Known Member

    Fine the way it is or fine you agree with Russ?
  4. Vol2112

    Vol2112 Retired

    The way it is
  5. Rhyno1605

    Rhyno1605 Well-Known Member

    I do like the idea as having a alternate to Taming, but not sure it should be Woodcutting.

    I think it would be fun to incorporate something that is not MCMMO related. Like having to complete a quest and obtain certain artifacts in addition to the other stats. Just brain storming...
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  6. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

    I like the idea, but you should have a higher Woodcutting level requirement than Taming, since its easier than Taming, at least a tad.

    I always sat here with the thought back in my mind that it would be nice to have 2 paths to legend the one being combat, and the alternate one being gathering, i would love to see that.
  7. evanstevensevan

    evanstevensevan RepoMan Staff Member Repo Man Supporter

    I just got Legend last night, and I agree with this
  8. MrExodeux

    MrExodeux Active Member

    I personally feel the rank of Legend should... no needs to be worked for, the reason no one really has "high" woodcutting is because it isn't needed and really doesnt offer much except longer tree feller time.
    Taming offers an in-depth to pvp and offers advantages to those who use taming (yes, peaceful talking about pvp, but i use to pvp before this server).

    Woodcutting does not offer that much advantage except in gathering, if this was to happen i'd like it to be 2k woodcutting or 1k taming.

    Me as a person disagrees with your post russ, but others may find it a needed change, I would like to tag others in this post for an opinion.
    sulaiman_99 xchrisx1234 Divinius JThomas0786

    I wont tag evan as he has had his say already, but to the above tagged, please give your 2 cents on what you feel is needed.

    Also Rhyno1605 i know we usually dont get on, but i do love this idea and would love to see more of your idea, maybe a reply to your complete idea of this?
  9. psychic94

    psychic94 Supporter

    Level 2000 requires 4x as much XP as level 1000. If you're going for twice as much XP it would be 1415. Personally, I don't think you have enough woodcutting skill to appreciate the difficulty of getting much woodcutting skill. Sure it may be "easy", but it is one of the most demoralizing things Ive done on minecraft.
  10. MrExodeux

    MrExodeux Active Member

    Exactly the point.
  11. psychic94

    psychic94 Supporter

  12. MrExodeux

    MrExodeux Active Member

    Bolt is a commnder,
    Kawi just got prodigy.

    I'd also like to take a quote from the wiki.
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  13. Divinius

    Divinius Supporter

    I don't think Bronco is trying to become legend, Russ. Your requirement change is actually quite interesting Russ. But, I don't think many people would choose the "woodcutting path." After all, besides Jigsaw who has 1000 woodcutting, the person with the second highest woodcutting has what, 500? Woodcutting is also not a very useful stat, in my opinion. Taming, on the other hand, gets better and better as it gets higher. Dogs become more useful and fun for players with abilities such as sharpened claws and thick fur. So, as I do think there should be an alternate to taming, I don't think it should be woodcutting.

    There's my 2 cents. :)
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  14. psychic94

    psychic94 Supporter

    Personally I'd be happy with any alternative. I just despise playing ma for hours on end.
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  15. JThomas0786

    JThomas0786 Supporter

    Ok, I don't think there should be a change. Getting Legend is supposed to be difficult. 1000 Taming isn't really difficult to achieve, it just takes a lot of time and dedication. That's something you have to be willing to give up in order to meet the requirements for the Legend rank. Like Divinius said, Woodcutting is pointless, why make someone work towards something that isn't going to benefit them? Does it make them a better player? Also, your still a gold rank. Put the time and effort in to getting Prodigy, and then worry about Legend. Don't get ahead of yourself. Like Exo stated, it says in the wiki...

    "This rank is the rank following Prodigy and is one of the final Ranks on the server. This is the most prestigious and difficult rank to get. Most people will never achieve this rank and anyone who has achieved the rank of Legend should be respected."

    Why should we make it easier for someone to achieve? It's nice to come up with new idea's and suggestions for the server. But please put some more thought into your idea's before making them public.
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  16. psychic94

    psychic94 Supporter

    I like to plan ahead. Im just 250 unarmed from prod and should be done by the end of the year, if I dont focus too much on getting my other account to leader.
  17. BroncoBuster25

    BroncoBuster25 Supporter

    Who said I was going for Legend!?
  18. Darkbro100

    Darkbro100 Supporter

    Getting 1k taming is hard enough... Woodcutting is somewhat of a 'useless' skill compared to the others(herbalism, taming, acrobatics, etc.). I don't think it should be changed because the Legends we have currently worked really hard for it and it would be unfair for them to get 1k in a whole other skill.
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  19. JThomas0786

    JThomas0786 Supporter

    Thank you Darkbro. Now if Jigs want's to make another rank after Legend. and make it 1k skills in everything, or different requirements. That wouldn't be a bad idea. But changing the requirements for a rank 4 of us already worked so hard for? I have a question... Why hasn't this been brought up before? It's not like Jigs just made the Legend rank yesterday...
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  20. MrExodeux

    MrExodeux Active Member

    Oddly JT i was thinking about it today, making a new "final" rank wouldnt be a bad idea, but there'd have to be one for titan to to make it fair.
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