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Discussion in 'News from the Admin' started by Jigsaw, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

    Although i partially understand what you are trying to say, i dont think that "diplomacy" happens here, whether there is one main faction, or a million. faction arent willing to be smart and team up with eachother, and even when they do decide to do such things as this, its very easy to counter such strategies. one example of diplomacy failing on the server was when creeper, beyond, and a few other factions tried to take down TheAgency, we spent days preparing, and when we finally went to get them, they just got in a skybase a warped away. the only way to actually go and defeat a faction is by killing them, many many times, until their f power is below zero, which is pretty impossible. although i understand one faction having all the power is bad as well, i dont think that having a ton is a good thing either, and this is originally why i started voting no on leader apps.

    the main reason why raiding is so impossible is because you have to kill half the other factions players about 6 times each in order to get f power low enough. all thats going tto happen if we have a bunch of small factions is a big war between small factions, where they raid eachother and get some cobblestone in a chest. thats not really worth it.

    really, even though there is pvp in bg now, there isnt nearly enough pvp to make a raid on a structured function possible, and if the faction has even the slightest bit of intelligence, they will be watching their f power like hawks to make sure they dont go below 0. in case you want an example of what you would have to do to raid chaos, kill about 15 people 6 times each, and thats only if they all continue to come back, keep in mind they may have armor, weapons, pots, god apples, etc... doesnt seem very realistic right? i sure dont think it does :/. anyways, thats just my two cents, for whoever wants to hear it. :p

    now, i dont want to come off offensive, and i respect your authority aradu, but i dont think that rhyno was in the wrong on that leader app. leader apps are to be based partially on making a faction, and their capability to do so, but also on the players maturity, and if a player had done wrong to him in the past, it is his duty as a player to let others know of immaturity happening in game. a personal grudge can be a valid reason to vote on a leader app, if that personal grudge resulted from immature acts by a player.

    he has been bombarded with criticism over this comment, and really, he doesnt deserve it. he has been a good player on mutiny, and voting no on a leader app is not something he should be so harshly judged for. just because someone says "nope", even if they hadnt explained it on a previous leader app, it doesnt mean that player is bad, it just means they dont think the person deserves leader. really, its just the same thing as if a player were to vote no on the leader app, but at least hes kind enough to let them know that hes one of them, so that he may try to improve his relationship with rhyno.

    on many of my leader apps, noone really leaves comments, so i dont even get to know who voted know, or why they did. i dont see how rhyno's comment is somehow unrighteous, if leaving no comment is supposedly ok... if anything the ones who are leaving no comment are probably the bias voters, they should be the ones you judge.

    anyways, i just thought that someone should speak up, as i dont think rhyno deserves to be threatened, or disrespected by others.
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  2. link564

    link564 Well-Known Member

    and when u quoted it it took another half :banghead:
  3. roverttt

    roverttt Well-Known Member

  4. Mr.Perry366

    Mr.Perry366 New Member

    I have tried to be leader 2 times and i cant get to be :(
  5. Algi1998

    Algi1998 Supporter

    I think you're the first person to understand my reasoning :) All I want from a leader app is a lot of information about a faction. I don't care if the person is very new, and barely talks, as long as they have faction plans and they are sure of them, I'm happy. They could have 1000 power level, be a supreme warrior who did nothing but grind and have been here for 3 days, and I would still vote yes if their app actually showed a large amount of interest in a faction. Because surely, the Leader rank opens doors for faction creation, so I expect those doors to be entered with full pace.
  6. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    I'm going to go ahead and lock this. If anyone has any questions or concerns a new post can be created.
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