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    What is Kargeth?
    Kargeth is a PvP faction, a city, and a growing community of friends. Ricky (xxrickyjpxx) is the Mayor of Kargeth city which has recently celebrated it's 1 year anniversary, and Nolan (TheCreeperM) is the Commander of Kargeth, the community's faction, and both me and Nolan moderate the entire community with the help of some staff and managers.

    How can I join Kargeth?
    Anyone who is the rank of Citizen and above can join Kargeth, we enjoy inviting new players and supplying them with starting materials and a safe place to build and get started on the server. To join, simply ask a faction Moderator if you can join Kargeth. They will than invite you and, bam! Welcome to Kargeth!

    How can I join Kargeth City?
    Joining Kargeth City is a slightly more lengthy process that involves accepting the city's Rules, Terms & Conditions. Once you do so (Done by saying in chat: "I agree to the rules terms and conditions of kargeth") you can purchase a plot in the city, faction members automatically have 1 free small plot but can purchase as many more as they like.

    Kargeth Ranks:
    Member: A new member of the faction
    Member+: Has been part of the faction for 1 week.
    Has been part of the faction for 3 weeks, and has donated at least $10,000 to the faction.
    Lieutenant: Awaiting our rank manager to finish.
    Commander: Awaiting our rank manager to finish.
    Veteran: Awaiting our rank manager to finish.

    Kargeth Staff Ranks:
    Leader: TheCreeperM
    Co-Leader: Open
    Admin: Open
    Moderator: Open <----- As you can see we need some staff :I
    Moderator: Open
    Helper: Open

    Kargeth City Staff Ranks:
    Mayor: xxrickyjpxx
    Manager: ninjaforce02
    Manager: Open
    Shopping District Manager: ItsAddy
    Faction Manager: TheCreeperM

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  2. Ricky

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    I give cookie for whoever reads it all :)
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    Ricky how do you apply for mod
  4. Ricky

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    I'm not sure yet, but I do know you need to be at least the rank of Trusted, I will talk to Creeper for you and find out :)
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