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    If you haven't already read the post that Turret_Bud made please read it here. Most of you have experienced the major FPS drop when you go to warp main, mall, and mainshop. This is, in part, due to the amount of item frames and paintings in this area. For this reason we are going to limit the amount of item frames that a player is allowed to place at warp main, mall, and mainshop and we are going to disallow all placement of paintings in the main city.

    The rules for item frames will be as follows:
    • Maximum of 2 item frames for each mall plot.
    • Maximum of 5 item frames for each shop plot.
    • Absolutely no paintings should be placed in the main city.
    • Anything over the maximum and they will be removed by an Admin or Support Admin.
    These rules only apply to areas in the main city (main, mall, and mainshop). You can place as many item frames as you want in your house or shops that are on your own land away from the main city.
    There will be a 24 hour grace period before these rules are in effect. All item frames should be removed until the 24 hour grace period has passed. The Support Admins and myself will be going around main and removing all item frames we find tomorrow night. We will place the item frames and items we remove inside a chest in the owner's warp. If for some reason we cannot find your item frames the items will likely be auto-removed. After 24 hours from this post you may begin placing item frames in main again as long as they follow the rules posted above.
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