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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Beamn3, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Beamn3

    Beamn3 New Member

    So I haven't been on the server long so i'm kinda lost on this one.....
    Who is Deathgod?
    All I know is that they left the server and there is a memorial for them...
    Anyone care to elaborate on this subject?
  2. Micmckenzie1

    Micmckenzie1 Retired Forum Admin Retired

    Yeah, Death was an awesome staff member, reached the second highest rank. (First being Admin) Her internet was cut off about 2-4 months ago, and the memorial was created in remembrance of her. :)
  3. Beamn3

    Beamn3 New Member

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Mic :D
  4. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

    Rumors are she will be back in 2012 Mic. Do you think this is true?
  5. Micmckenzie1

    Micmckenzie1 Retired Forum Admin Retired

    No way to tell... It all matters if she cares about the internet enough to pay for it / have someone else pay for it.
  6. Dodito

    Dodito Retired

    lets say she is god rofl

    a god than burned me... aww i miss her
  7. Dubesta11

    Dubesta11 Supporter


    Let have jigs go to her house, and hax her neigbors interwebs (i dont think they will notice a huge ethernet cord going out the window....)
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I always had a soft spot for Deathypoo, came with me from a server myself, Jigs, Vol, and some other players used to play on. Was always my friend, and I hope she get's back soon :)

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