I just got Camtasia!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by arbiter6784, May 26, 2012.

  1. arbiter6784

    arbiter6784 New Member

    I just got Camtasia, i was wondering if i could do a video on mutiny. if so, i will have a video here soon! :D

    BTW: If you want to see it on youtube: www.youtube.com/arbiter6784
    Thanks guys!
  2. Aigina

    Aigina Retired

    You posted a link... to an x-ray video...
    Way to go...
    I certainly don't hope, for your sake, that you used that on Mutinycraft.
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  3. Micmckenzie1

    Micmckenzie1 Retired Forum Admin Retired

    At about 0:10 he mentions that he started the world 5 minutes ago. Meaning he starting a single player world up. ;)
  4. poph55

    poph55 Active Member

    lol it was kinda awkward when i just randomly started watching a x-ray video...
    maybe ill try it one day...
    on mutiny
    jk jk jk
  5. Aigina

    Aigina Retired

    Duuh! :> He also said that he wouldn't use it on a multiplayer server ;)

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