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    If you are a Tycoon (or above) with a power level of 1500 or a Supreme-Warrior with a power level of 1000 you are eligible to request a poll for the rank of Leader. By becoming a Leader you will have access to all of the mcMMO skills and abilities (Excluding alchemy and smelting), as well as the ability to create and manage your own Faction.

    In order to be promoted to Leader you must be voted in by other players on the server. This will be done here on the forums on a post that you will create requesting promotion to Leader rank.

    You are required to write at least 100 words as to why you would make a good leader on MutinyCraft. You must wait at least 7 days from the time of a ban to file a Leader request. If you were ever banned from the server you must also disclose that information here and provide a reason for you being banned.

    Important -Read this part carefully-

    You are required to add your own poll to your thread when you create it. The poll will have the following options.
    You should not touch any of the other poll options! If you make a poll other than the way described above your Leader request will be closed and you will need to wait 3 days to post a new request. If for some reason you make a small mistake and it is recognized by you or a staff member within 2 hours of the creation of your request you will be allowed to remake your request immediately. It is not the staff's job to fix your poll for you so make sure you are doing it exactly like it says above.

    If you fail to make your Leader request in the correct format the second time, you will need to wait 7 days before making a new one.

    If you fail to write the required amount or if we feel you are just trying to "fluff" up your Leader request we may deny you.

    You must achieve a 2:1 YES:NO ratio and have at minimum 10 YES votes.

    Notice: Posts will be open for at most 5 days, after which time if an Admin has not closed the thread with a verdict it will be closed and a new thread can be created only after 7 days have passed if you did not get the outcome you wished for. What this means is that your thread could theoretically only be open for 1 hour if you achieve the correct number of votes.

    You will be responsible for getting players to go to the forum and vote, you are allowed to vote for yourself. You are also allowed to ask players to vote for you in game, but you are not allowed to bribe players with money or items for a vote. If you or anyone else is caught making duplicate accounts to vote you will be banned from the forum and the server.

    If for some reason you do not acheive an adequate number of Yes votes you will have to wait 7 days from the date of your original post before you are allowed to create a new Leader request. If you do not wait the required 7 days your poll will be immediately locked and you will have to wait an additional 10 days.

    Follow the template below to create your request:

    I, (minecraft name) am requesting to be considered for the rank of Leader.
    Were you banned in the last 7 days?
    Were you ever banned from the server?  If yes, for what?
    What is your current rank?
    What is your current power level?
    Why would you make a good leader?

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