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    There are quite a few things that a player must do in order to achieve the rank of Moderator on this server. It may seem like a daunting or even impossible task to many of you. However, that shouldn't stop anyone from trying to achieve this if that is something they have always wanted.

    I understand there are some people who do not have any interest at all in becoming a staff member on this server. Those people only play because they enjoy the game and the people that they are playing with. The truth is, some of the people who have no interest in becoming staff are the very ones you should look to for tips on how to act.

    What I mean is that some people become so overburdened with the task of impressing other staff members in hopes they will be considered for Moderator that they forget why they are playing here. All of us play Minecraft for fun and that is what you should remember while you are on your pursuit of a Moderator position. I have witnessed many people who become angry and upset if they do not get a Moderator position and this is not how it should be. Remember, you are here to have fun and if that idea is lost because you are trying so hard to get a Moderator position it will not end good.

    There is also this misconception that being a Moderator opens up all kinds of special abilities and powers. That simply isn't true. The only powers that a Moderator gets are strictly for staff duties. I'm sure many of the current staff can tell you that they are absolutely not allowed to use their powers for anything non-staff related.

    The point of this post is not only to advise you on how to become a Moderator, but to remind you why they play here. Don't get so caught up in becoming a Moderator that it is your only focus while you are online. This will either end with you quitting or, worse, becoming a Moderator and realizing a few weeks later, after your excitement has worn off, that you don't have fun playing Minecraft. I have seen it happened before or I wouldn't be saying this.

    If you have read this far in this post then you are likely still wanting more information on how you can become a Moderator. I will give you that information below.

    General tips for becoming a Moderator:
    • Respect the rules of the server.
    • Respect all of the staff members even if you have disagreements with them or dislike them personally.
    • Respect other players.
    • Welcome new players, not just be saying welcome, but by answering any questions that they may have.
    • Act mature while you are communicating with other people in game. (Remember, someone is always watching how you act)
    • Do not bother other staff members about recommending you for a Moderator position.
    • Do not get upset if another player gets a Moderator position and you feel you are more deserving.
    • If you don't enjoy MutinyCraft (or Minecraft) anymore, then becoming a Moderator will not change that in the long term. Trust me.
    • If you do not have an adequate amount of free time do not apply to be a Moderator. We need active staff members.
    If you read all of this and still think you are a qualified candidate for a Moderator position I encourage you to submit an application. I can't guarantee that you will get Moderator, but it is worth a shot. I normally do not reply to applications that are submitted unless you are chosen for a staff position.

    Moderator Application
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    Updated with new link to staff application.
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