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    Welcome to Heroes Official! Click on each spoiler for info regarding the topic.

    The current message of the week, made on Friday the 19th of April.
    • I have returned from my inactivity...
    • Heroes is now more than a year old! Our anniversary was the 9th of April.
    • A final vote for HeroesxPvP's fate has been decided; it will become it's own faction and get its name changed.
    • New Councilmen or Supremacists may be promoted soon.
    Message of the Week ~ Old MoTWs. (open)

    Sunday the 31st of March (open)

    • Heroes' anniversary is in 10 days!

    Sunday the 17th of March (open)

    • Bubbag has stepped down from Councilmen.
    • EpicEpicDude56 was promoted to Councilmen.
    • Heroes' anniversary creeps nearer!

    Sunday the 10th of March (open)

    • HeroesxPvP is being held by Crossfire. It will, most likely, be going "independent" of Heroes soon.
    • Heroes' has reached an economic milestone! $10,000,000+ in our balance.
    • Hunter, the owner of Heroes, is now a Event Assistant. Yay. :D
    Sunday the 3rd of March (open)

    • HeroesxPvP seems likely to disband. The idea is still being decided.
    • Work on HeroesTemp continues.
    • Bthoveen was promoted to Vice Supreme Hero.
    • Bubbag7 was promoted to Councilmen.
    Sunday the 24th of February (open)

    • Talk of disbanding HeroesxPvP has started.
    • Work on our new base - currently /warp HeroesTemp - continues.
    • Bthoveen was promoted to Councilmen and is now in charge of our Treasury.

    Introduction ~ A description of Heroes. (open)

    Our faction has many great cities. Two are currently being used while the new ones are made at the new base. They are /warp HeroesMushroom and /warp HeroesFort and are only temporary.
    Heroes has a council that consists of our most prestigous and mature members. We also have a Supremacy, which is the counterpart. Both lead Heroes with an iron fist. They debate everything important that is to happen to Heroes before it does. They are similiar to the United States' Congress in a lot of ways.
    [​IMG]Heroes has many large, simple farms for use of our members. They are all located at /warp Heroes. All farms are 50 by 50 other then the Tree farm and Sugarcane farm. We have farms for melon, pumpkin, wheat, sugar, tree and netherwart. Our netherwart farm is in our netherfortress, located at /warp HeroesNether.
    As shown in this picture, Heroes is huge. At a time, we once had 101 members. Our size is almost constantly changing. Our community offers friendship, help and just plain old fun.

    Overall, our goal is simply to help new players. What you might consider a newbie is what we try to recruit. We turn these players into Leaders, Pioneers and the sort. We offer them resources and ways to level up with ease. We have been here more than a half a year and do not plan to leave any time soon. Thank you for reading.

    Upcoming Events ~ Parties.. (open)

    A Heroic Anniversary (open)

    • On April 9th, Heroes will be aproximately a year old. This is a big step for our faction.
    • The Council and Supremacy will be holding a celebration for this momentous milestone.

    Leadership ~ Our faction moderators. (open)

    Note (open)
    The only time someone will be /f mod'd is if they are becoming part of the Supremacy or Council.

    Council (open)
    The Council is one of the two most important groups in Heroes. It consists of three Councilmen and the Head Councilmen.

    The Eleventh Heroic Council
    [Head-Councilmen] Hunter
    [Councilmen] EpicEpicDude
    [Councilmen] DsmFTW
    [Councilmen] ThePartyGuest

    Supremacy (open)

    The Supremcy is the second of the two most important groups in Heroes. It consists of the Supreme Hero and his Vice Supreme Hero.

    The Ninth New Heroic Supremacy
    [Supreme-Hero] Hooverk
    [Vice-Supreme-Hero] Bthoveen

    Faction Ranks ~ Our faction has it's own ranking system. (open)

    Note (open)
    Most of our ranks simply correspond to the ranks you will have in /f c p. Some of them require other things, but for the most part, they correspond.

    Skill Level 0 (open)
    Resident. Requirements are Outsider.

    Skill Level 1 (open)
    Prospector, Agriculturilist, Trainee or Squire. Requirements for Agriculturist, Prospector or Trainee; For Prospector the rank of Miner, Agriculturist the rank of Farmer, Trainee the rank of Warrior. Requirements for Squire; Approval of a Knight to train you into becoming a Supreme Warrior and eventually Leader. You need the Warrior rank in /f c p. You are their aprente. Read knighting rules below!

    Skill Level 2 (open)
    Entrepeuner, Woodsman/Archer/Swordsmen or Knight. Requirements for Entrepeuner; the rank of Tycoon. Requirements for Knight; read the 'Knighting' system at the bottom of the Ranks section. Requirements for Woodsman/Archer/Swordsmen; Supreme Warrior. Choose one of the 3.

    Skill Level 3 (open)
    Heroine/Hero or Paladin. Requirements for both; Hero is for men, Heroine is for woman. You need Leader and to apply/be approved in a application. Requirements for Paladin; be a [Knight] in /f c f who has achieved [Pioneer]+ in /f c p.

    Skill Level 4 (open)
    Heroic-Lord/Heroic-Lady or Warlord. Requirements for both; Heroic-Lord is for men. Heroic-Lady is for woman. You need the rank of Prodigy and approval in a application. Requirements for Warlord; be a [Paladin] in /f c f and a [Prodigy]+in /f c p

    Skill Level 5 (open)
    Commandant. Requirements; Legend, application approval, the rank of Warlord and approval from Hunter and 3 faction Moderators. This is the most prestigous rank in the faction and instead of a $200k withdraw request limit, it is $400k.

    Knighting (open)
    To become a Squire, you need Knight to become your trainer. When they do, get them to /mail Hunter_Tha_Boss <your IGN> is my new squire. Once you rank to Supreme Warrior and are a Squire, you get Knight and the process continues!

    Applications ~ Requests for stuff. (open)

    When filling out anappliction, replace the "___"s with your answer/s! If you do not, it will not be accepted.

    Hero or Heroine (open)
    I want to be a Hero/Heroine because ___. I am a Pioneer or leader; ___.I have been in the faction since(estimate)___. I am a Hero-Trainee in /f c f; _____.

    Heroic-Lord or Heroic-Lady (open)

    I want to be a Heroic-Lord/Lady because ___. I am a Prodigy;___. I understand the prestige that this rank in the faction gives and know the responsibility;___. I have these two faction mods who support me and will "Like' my application ___.

    Commandant (open)
    ; I want to be a Commandant, the most prestigous rank in the Heroes faction, because ___. I deserve it because ___. My PL is ___. My rank in /f c p is ___. My rank in /f c f is ___.

    Bank Withdraw Request (open)
    I want to request (10k to 200k, 400k if Commandant )___. I need it because ___. I understand that this will only be accepted if this is a good reason(yes or no)___.

    Links ~ Other Heroes pages. (open)

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    Nice post
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    *Gets Axe Out* Cometh at me Brother.

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  4. MrMustard063

    MrMustard063 New Member

    ok gret post i think i might go down the path of warrior or farmer...
  5. michael_is_cool_99

    michael_is_cool_99 New Member

    I want to get this rank because:I am awesome! I would like to help this faction out with my awesome pvp skills and hopefully being able to proove that I can be a good leader!

    I want to found a town called: HeroVille!

    My town will be about:pvP, weapons and everything to do with! :D

    thanks for your cooperation!
  6. michael_is_cool_99

    michael_is_cool_99 New Member

    its pvp where pink thing is
  7. ShadowKnyght

    ShadowKnyght New Member

    Town Name: Exobia
    Town Description: Mainly a mining town, built into the sides of mountains, located at an intersection of valleys, along with a forest beside it. This town is a safe haven/good for Power Leveling for Miners, cause of its location.
    Town Extras: Bank (Storage Area), Town Hall, Mine, Mob Grinder (eventually), Great Wall surrounding City, Crafting Area/Furnace Area, Brewing House, Hotel/Motel
    Town Owners: ShadowKnyght (if you guys would like to, I would like to include Michael and Hunter as Co-Owners)
    Plot Sizes: 15x15 or 20x20-1 floor for standard town citizens. Supporters-2 floors. Town Donators-Multiple (Donators will make in-game donations to ShadowKnyght).
    Plot Prices: 10 Diamonds OR $25k In-Game
    Shops: ShadowKnyght's Shop, Brewing House, Farm (Sugarcane, Wheat)--must pay to enter.
  8. ShadowKnyght

    ShadowKnyght New Member

    link for Mucinef?
  9. seanpr

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  10. Dodito

    Dodito Retired

    Actually, for those who didnt know, the clan cup is every 4 months, not 2
  11. Enchanting_Armor

    Enchanting_Armor New Member

    I want to be a F-Mod because: Hunter, your my Bro. And I don't really want to be a Mod In the Faction..

    I can help the Faction by: I am a great fighter, Builder, Designer, And Is just a Pleasure to have Around.

    I deserve this because: Hmm.... Probably what I just stated above =)

    My current rank and power level is: 247, And I'm a Miner


    I have the required 3 followers, in the faction, their names are:

    I will help the faction by: Always being there when they Need A helper, Etc


    I want to get this rank because: I think I can get it..

    I want to found a town called: Hunting_ArmorVille =)

    My town will be about: Peacefull factions having a place to have fun, shop, and Just Relax.

    I have been in the faction since(estimate):Today, And many times Before.

    I have donated(estimate): 40 Bows =)

    I have done these great deeds: Because I wanted to be a Great person =)

    I have these followers(names, they need to like it to agree they follow you):

    I will help by: Havn't I already said this..?

    I want to create a branch called: Legislative Government.

    It will be about: Everything Imaginable, You have to have Imagination

    Thanks for your Time, Enchanting_Armor
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  12. Hunter_Tha_Boss

    Hunter_Tha_Boss Supporter

    Aprroved for f mod, since I know you're a good guy and I've known you a long time. :D
  13. impens8

    impens8 Member

    I have the required 3 followers, in the faction, their names are:Hunter_Tha_Boss,Chaman,and impens8

    I will help the faction by:doing anything i can do to make more people want to join and stay in KFA_Heroes
  14. Hunter_Tha_Boss

    Hunter_Tha_Boss Supporter

    Uhm. Please use this format to apply.
    I want to be a F-Mod because:

    I can help the Faction by:

    I deserve this because:

    My current rank and power level is:
  15. impens8

    impens8 Member

    I want to be a F-Mod because: i love to help

    I can help the Faction by: im a good builder nice i love to help if u need money ill give if i have enough

    I deserve this because: ill do anything i can to help the faction and build it up to the highest it can be

    My current rank and power level is: tycoon 818

    have the required 3 followers, in the faction, their names are:

    I will help the faction by making it the best it can be also makin make it acro trainers, farms just about anything i can to make the members be the best they can be.
  16. CrazySk8er_12

    CrazySk8er_12 New Member

    I want to be a F-Mod because: I would be more useful to the faction.

    I can help the Faction by: Helping people when they have questions, Getting people the items they need and helping the faction members build.

    I deserve this because: I'm a great helper and don't mind stopping what I'm doing to help others.

    My current rank and power level is: Warrior 118
  17. Hunter_Tha_Boss

    Hunter_Tha_Boss Supporter

    Approved. Ranked already.

    Aprroved, about to rank.
  18. impens8

    impens8 Member

    ---hero--- (im already council man)

    I have been in the faction since(estimate):yesterday

    I have donated(estimate):300-400k to hunter 15 ish diamonds

    I have done these great deeds:i have given a couple of tours and donated alot

    I have these followers(names, they need to like it to agree they follow you):

    i could help: im a good builder nice i love to help if u need money ill give if i have enough (i have alot now) also check my council man 1 i also will give anything

    I want to create a branch called: SUPERxHeroes

    It will be about: making the people be the best they can be in each stat

    thanks for ure time imps
  19. Hunter_Tha_Boss

    Hunter_Tha_Boss Supporter

    Approved for Hero. Ranking in-game now.
  20. impens8

    impens8 Member

    Townname: heroes_training_facility

    Town description: its a place for all people of heroes and heroes branches

    Town extras(worldguards, cool builds, etcetera): sugarcanefarm, mine, acro trainer, grinder and anything to raise there mcstats

    Town owners: impens8 (obviously) , all heroes branches leaders. (if they accept)

    Town supporters: a dont realy know yet :(

    Plot sizes: i think i would do 6x5

    Plot prices: realy i dont need money so 5k is good i guess

    Shops: ill have sortov a mini mall 4 people to sell there stuff they can buy a mall plot for 1k per month

    youre friendly neibour impens8

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