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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 8, 2016.

By Jigsaw on Feb 8, 2016 at 9:03 PM
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    MutinyCraft Hardcore Factions


    MutinyCraft will be opening a Hardcore Factions server in the very near future. This post will help educate you on what exactly our version of hardcore factions will look like. If you have played on a hcf server in the past then a lot of this will be familiar to you. And if you have been following along on the discussion thread you will see some of those ideas have been added.


    The rules on the hardcore factions server will be extremely relaxed. The chat will not be visible from any other MutinyCraft server, however there will still be a very small amount of chat rules. All of the rules can be found on the wiki here.


    The full plugin list will not be made available, however the plugins people will be interested in will have guides located on the wiki here.

    The plugins most people will be interested in are:
    • Auctions - Player hosted auctions for selling/buying items
    • SpawnerShop- Purchasable mob spawners
    • Factions - Everything for factions
    • ObsidianDestroyer - Makes it easier to destroy obsidian and also possible to destroy bedrock (excluding the very bottom layer of bedrock)
    • VoteSuite - Allows players to redeem vote points for rewards such as in game money and bedrock


    Ranks will be based on player based roles that you will have full control over. If you own a faction you will automatically be Leader. The ranks are mentioned below and on the wiki here.

    The ranks are:
    • Leader - Owner of faction
    • Officer - Final step of promotion by faction
    • Member - First step of promotion by faction
    • Recruit - Initial rank once joining a faction
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 8, 2016.

    1. Hailey2007
      Is it all up to you? Did you already start some form of advertising no one knows about? Cake was updating the vote page because we asked him to. You never set out to start any of this that I know of. We have been talking about ways to start advertising and once we had some solid ideas, we would of brought them to you. We've talked about pooling money, we talked about votes, but we honestly haven't talked about creating posts on various minecraft forums. I've never looked at a minecraft forum so I didn't even know it was a form of advertisment. But sure we can do that too I'm sure.

      In all honesty, after knowing you for years, you don't like half ass ideas. So we didn't want to bring anything up to you until we had thought out what we thought was going to be best. Every question we ask you seems more like an annoyance than anything so when we do something it's usually in bulk. We try to waste as little of your time as possible but will always have a conversation with you in it if you have the time. You're the one who has had a server prosper in the past so I'm sure your input is very useful :)
    2. Jigsaw
      Quit with the bullshit excuses. You're just showing how selfish you are by these ridiculous replies. You've had months to think about ideas and yet you couldn't come up with anything. Again, it's assumed or expected I would do everything while you sit on your ass and "talk" about your ideas.
    3. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      I agree with your point that there shouldn't be 50 people online to raid the 2nd day. However, it kinda pains me to see everyone point fingers at me, when all I wanted was for the server to bring back people, and create a new server with new players, new memories, and new experiences. I apologize if you truly believe the fact that I got 14 people together to play on HCF discouraged people from playing, and again, as David said I will gladly get on and kick him and say 6 other people from the faction and enemy them if you feel that will bring people on. I personally don't see that helping at all. Yes its true that you aren't the only one who should have to advertise if we want people on the server so badly, but there is only so much we as players can do.

      I messaged almost everyone I knew on my skype contacts and informed them about the server, and there's a solid 10 or so that would gladly switch from their crappy pay2win servers to play here, if the population increases. As you stated, no one wants to play on a server that no one is on. If you would like me to make a post on the minecraft forums and elsewhere, I will gladly do it. But myself and my faction cannot be solely responsible for promoting the server, even though it seems we are the only people that play on it. It makes sense that we want people, so we need to advertise, but no one wants to be like "Oh Mutinycraft is doing a HCF server? Cool, I'm so down!" and then have them hear that i'm not gonna let them play with me, because my faction is too large. I'm not sure what happened to Beyond in the discussion about the server that made them not want to play, but that crippled it too. There is no competition for my faction, and it discourages my members from playing, which discourages new people from joining.

      I am not trying to blame anyone, or tell you the server is going to fail, because I really want it to succeed. I want everyone in my faction to actively play here, but it sucks when they tell me they don't want to get on because its just us playing on the server. I am just a tad bit offended that I get the blame pointed in my direction when I was simply trying to do whats best for people on the server.

      It's true no one mentioned advertising until now, but its being mentioned now because of the situation on the server. While it is silly to assume all sorts of new people would join on day one, I personally believed a lot more people who were involved in the conversation about the server would come back and play.

      I still believe we can make this work, as long as we aren't fighting back and forth on the servers. I know Cake has been busy with college, and I'm glad he got the updated version in. I believe that an updated server status is going to be a key help, because until now, no one even knew there was a HCF outside of our established community. I know there are a lot of key words people look for when searching for a HCF and the biggest advantage Mutiny has is that is isn't OP as crap, and I think that should be represented on the server status on all the vote links to better inform people of what our server has to offer.

      Moving on to the non-pay2win setup. While I have stated many times that I don't want it to be pay2win, I never really recommended donation items because that is more so up to you than anything. When DreamImpulse referenced donation items, he didn't mean anything pay2win. Things you can consider for donations that will still bring in money, and keep people into the game are things such as:

      -Colored Text in chat
      -Colored Names in chat
      -1 extra sethome
      -Enchanted books
      -villager/horse eggs (anyone can get a villager without donating with a zombie spawner)
      -XP bottle/levels of xp (anyone can get a grinder and get exp)
      - /workbench (allows portable crafting table, doesn't break the game for anyone, just a continence of not carrying one around)

      These are just a few things I came up with off the top of my head, but as you can see all of these are not game breaking. They are simply things people can pay for to gain convince, or to save a small amount of time. Anyone who donates can still die and lose to anyone who didn't donate, and there are no features that are "donator only", many servers make it so that only donors can silk touch spawners, but that separates donors from regular players. I'm sure you can come up with better ideas for donation than I, I'm not very creative, but these were just some examples to show items that people can donate for that don't break the game or make it pay2win.

      Again, I'm sorry if you believe that my faction is ruining the server, I am open to suggestions and I do want to work with you to make the server populated and a great experience for everyone.
    4. Jigsaw
      I said that I was guessing one huge faction wasn't making things very fun. If you want to get offended by that I don't know what to tell you. It was an observation that I didn't think would get you butt hurt.

      Hailey wanted to blame me for not advertising when the people who wanted the server the most could stop being lazy and work on getting players. The server isn't for me to fulfill some life long dream of mine. It looked like the players wanted it so I made it.

      Anyway, stop replying with bullshit please. It is just pissing me off to see how selfish some of you are. I usually just bite my tongue, but I don't really feel like doing that in this situation.
    5. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      I literally spent about 20 minutes trying to rectify the situation, didn't blame you at all, suggested a bunch of stuff, asked you for suggestion on what I could do, and you tell me its all a bullshit post? Are you kidding me? I'm trying to make things better here.
    6. Ricky
      lol so ironic, glad you guys enjoyed the server :)
      One way or another, legit most definitely was the issue, but arguing about where to shift blame doesn't help anyone.
      Last edited: Feb 24, 2016
    7. Aceposiedon
      Jigsaw Out of curiosity, do you know what first sparked the number of players this server got 2-3 years ago? Even a year ago the number of players was 20+ at a time and I can't really figure out what caused the decline other than not enough people playing. I was just wondering what you thought of that... if this is off topic feel free to delete it as well, I don't mean to post in a place it shouldn't be.
    8. Hailey2007
      What sparked the players 2-3 years ago was advertising. Although I havent played in a few years I'd assume the 20 players online were just what was left over from when the server had active pvp. The decline is more than likely just people starting their lives or finding better servers. You were here for all this though and I wasn't. Thats just my best guess :)
    9. Jigsaw
      Well, your guess is wrong. You are thinking very narrow-minded.
      It isn't really as simple as everyone makes it out to be. There isn't one specific thing that makes a server popular or unpopular. The main thing to realize is that the way minecraft is played has changed over the years and this is the single largest contributor to why servers like this don't see a lot of new faces. The large majority of people who play minecraft are interested in a quicker play style than what they would see on a normal survival server. Servers that offer minigames are still usually the more popular servers nowadays. Servers like that require a lot of work and fulltime engagement making new custom minigames in order to be successful on a large scale.

      There are of course people who still play minecraft just for survival. They are however more spread out due to massive amount of minecraft servers out there. This means less players for everyone.

      So, there isn't some magic switch that you can flip to make a server get popular. It is the same idea behind viral videos. You can't set out to make a viral video because you will probably fail. It is a combination of content, timing, and pure luck.
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    10. Jigsaw
      I didn't say I was surprised. I said I wasn't sure what happened and that is exactly what I meant to say. There were a large number of people who wanted this server and several people put a lot of work into making it. I made a comment to drive discussion and people started blaming it on me for not advertising while they did nothing other than tell a few friends.

      The comment I made was that I didn't think one huge faction was helping make the server appealing. The players who wanted the server played 2 days and went inactive or they didn't even play at all.

      Again, the server isn't for me. It was created because it was asked for. If it doesn't work out that's fine. I'll still sleep just fine at night.
    11. Jigsaw
      Why can't I expect players to make posts on other forums to get others to play? Why can't I expect that, yet they can expect me to? You can't compare this to a company that makes millions of dollars by SELLING their games. This is free to play. Again, I didn't make the server for myself so your argument is baseless. Please think before you rant.
    12. Jigsaw
      You make no sense. It's called word of mouth and it's not a new idea. As long as someone doesn't claim they own the server what you're saying doesn't matter.
    13. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      So, your comment was to drive a positive discussion. I get you are annoyed you are getting blamed as well, but I made a huge post about said discussion and you throw all this hate my way and tell me my whole post was bullshit. Can you explain that to me? I'm still at a lost where I pissed you off to earn the shade I got in reply to my post.
    14. Jigsaw
      I lost interest in a positive discussion when I was blamed for not doing enough. It's as simple as that. It obviously isn't clear how selfish that comment was and unless you put yourself in my position it won't seem like a big deal.

      It's unfortunate your post didn't come in place of the other one, but it didn't. It was too late by the time you posted it.
    15. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      Well, let me know whenever you are ready to have a positive discussion.
    16. LordToast
      I cant get in the server right now
    17. punkrocks_rules
      How does one get the ip?
    18. Killroit
      Just type /factions on the server

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    19. punkrocks_rules

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