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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 8, 2016.

By Jigsaw on Feb 8, 2016 at 9:03 PM
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    MutinyCraft Hardcore Factions


    MutinyCraft will be opening a Hardcore Factions server in the very near future. This post will help educate you on what exactly our version of hardcore factions will look like. If you have played on a hcf server in the past then a lot of this will be familiar to you. And if you have been following along on the discussion thread you will see some of those ideas have been added.


    The rules on the hardcore factions server will be extremely relaxed. The chat will not be visible from any other MutinyCraft server, however there will still be a very small amount of chat rules. All of the rules can be found on the wiki here.


    The full plugin list will not be made available, however the plugins people will be interested in will have guides located on the wiki here.

    The plugins most people will be interested in are:
    • Auctions - Player hosted auctions for selling/buying items
    • SpawnerShop- Purchasable mob spawners
    • Factions - Everything for factions
    • ObsidianDestroyer - Makes it easier to destroy obsidian and also possible to destroy bedrock (excluding the very bottom layer of bedrock)
    • VoteSuite - Allows players to redeem vote points for rewards such as in game money and bedrock


    Ranks will be based on player based roles that you will have full control over. If you own a faction you will automatically be Leader. The ranks are mentioned below and on the wiki here.

    The ranks are:
    • Leader - Owner of faction
    • Officer - Final step of promotion by faction
    • Member - First step of promotion by faction
    • Recruit - Initial rank once joining a faction
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Feb 8, 2016.

    1. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      I figure we will be able to view the spawner types and vote rewards when we log into the server, but will we be able to find out how many hits of tnt it takes for obsidian/bedrock respectively?
    2. Jigsaw
      ~10 for obsidian and ~50 for bedrock
    3. Jigsaw
      One other thing I should mention is that voting is done via the same sites as before. You will receive vote points on both survival and hcf when you vote. You can start voting now and your points will be there when the server opens!

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    4. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      I know it says you can't get refunded but I just wanted to let you know that the bottom two links didn't give me credit when I voted yesterday and I double checked and I'm on the leaderboard for the site, one of them could have been caps, but not sure on the other
    5. Jigsaw
      All of the votes work except the last one. Something on their end is messed up so it is out of my control.
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    6. Jigsaw
      Last edited: Feb 10, 2016
    7. Jigsaw
      Updated opening time as requested by cakeislife!
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    8. Samuri_Bake_Pie
    9. UDieNow
      r u going to be able to mine spawners with silktouch picks
    10. Jigsaw
    11. Jigsaw
      I have to move the opening until 8 PM CST. The server is 100% ready to go, but I forgot I had made plans for tonight. I should be home by 8, though.
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    12. Jigsaw
      I'm not sure what happened, but no one seems interested in the hardcore factions server. A lot of work went into making it what the community wanted, so I am a little confused as to what happened. My only guess is that one huge faction with all the players isn't very fun and that led to people losing interest very quickly. Not much can be done by me to change that, so I will just ride it out for a bit.
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    13. Hailey2007
      I think there was a misunderstanding of what the server was going to be. Legit is a very op faction but it was built under the assumption that there was going to be advertising that would bring new players into the server. Mutinycraft alone does not have the playerbase to sustain a PvP type of server. Most of it's current members aren't big on PvP in the first place. The server hasn't had very many new players stop by to even check out the server. The players who did play became distraught because seeing the faction Legit is discouraging. Although people fail to see that most of the faction is alts, we only PvP'd once which was a 5v4 understandably but it was more of Ricky calling out legit to fight so they did. I personally wasn't on for it so I don't know too much about what happened. Another issue was that the only other faction that was supposedly getting ready before the server came out was Beyond and they never showed up leaving Legit to stand out even more. Legit after a few days also became inactive because we hadn't seen any changes signaling that new players would come sooner or later. The vote links weren't updated to show there was a new HCF server, it only talks about the survival aspects of our hub server.

      Regardless of all of this, the majority of Legit members were brought back by Samuri to play Mutiny. They weren't pulled from the current Mutiny playerbase. Most of which wouldn't have showed up had they not been contacted. We had some other players that were interested in joining the server but only if the server succeeded. If Legit split up, or lost a majority of its players. People still wouldn't play, we aren't looking to make factions of 5 people and raid 4 different bases. We want the server to grow and we would gladly play on it as it is a great HCF server, there just isn't a playerbase.

      If Legit is the issue in many players eyes Sam and I would gladly create separate factions and be enemies but the way we see it is at that point it will be my faction of 5 vs his faction of 5 and that's about it. Even if Ricky and his friends came back, now there is 3 factions, that is not a HCF server. One of us will win quickly and that will be that and we will be right back here.

      We continue to actively talk about the server to our friends but we've come to the conclusion that the next best hope we have of getting the server to take off would be advertisement, updated donation rewards, voting links, etc. to hopefully pay for the advertisement.

      If you feel there is something Sam, I, or Legit can do to help the server grow and gain more players by all means let us know and we will do our best to help.
    14. Ricky
      Saw it coming :\
    15. Jigsaw
      So did I, but it was worth a shot.
      If that was true you would have gotten together all of your friends and donated with the request that the donations be used for advertising the HCF server. Assuming, selfishly, that I will just throw a bunch of money at advertising is ridiculous considering no one even mentioned that idea until now. Samuri even mentioned that the point of the server wasn't to pay2win.

      My apologies for sounding a little annoyed, but I wouldn't have wasted my time with the HCF server if everyone wasn't so hyped about it only to play 2 days. The idea that there should instantly be 50 people online to raid the 2nd day the server was open is asinine.
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    16. cakeislife
      didn't we get new players from voting? and I'm working on an updated server voting description right now...
    17. Jigsaw
      We might, but when a new player joins and sees no one playing they won't stay. The people who wanted the server so bad played 2 days and gave up.
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    18. Hailey2007
      Everyone saw it coming lol. However, you thought it was Legit's fault? Legit isn't the issue, the issue is the lack of new players coming to the server. I could 2v4 maybe even 1v4 your faction, it's not the amount of players legit has that is the issue.

      Some advertising doesn't cost money to my knowledge. Things like updating the voting links would be a great start. However, we "legit" have been talking about this for a few days now and just haven't brought it up to you personally yet. As you read, cake was already working on it. I'm sure we can get a few Legit players to stay playing on a dead server so that when some form of advertising is up and people find out the server actually exists, they see players online. I thought the server would have advertising because personally I've never seen a server grow without advertisement. Things as simple as updating the page where you select which server to play to say something like "Hub Server - NEW HCF! - Donation Sale!" would probably help. Word of mouth can only get you so far.

      We didn't expect 50 people the second day. We expected Beyond and maybe some other mutiny players. While us few setup our factions maybe we'd get 10 new people stopping by everyday to see if the server was any good. That would be something to play for. However it turned out it was just Legit with a few other players and no one new coming.

      We didn't give up, I still log onto the server almost everyday when I see even 1 player on mutinycraft to check if they are on the HCF server or not. There just isn't a point for me to run around on a server that no one can easily find out about.
    19. Jigsaw
      What exactly is stopping you from advertising? You can't create a post on various minecraft forums? Or is that all up to me? You guys wanted the server, but you expect me to go out and find people to play while you sit on your ass and complain about me not getting players.

      Yes, cake told me he was updating the voting page, but he just today gave me the updated version.

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