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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jigsaw, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    This thread will be the primary place to discuss the upcoming factions server that will be part of MutinyCraft. All ideas are welcome and encouraged, but keep in mind not everything suggested will be used. The goal for this thread is to see what the majority of the community wants. If you do not voice your opinion here I will not know what you are thinking. :)

    The hardcore factions server will likely launch at the end of January 2016. This gives us plenty of time to fine tune how the server will work and prepare the plugins and worlds. If you want to work on a spawn area for the server be sure to check out this event.

    This thread should be approached in one or two ways. Either you are bringing up a new idea that you want to discuss or you are replying to an already mentioned idea. Please try and make posts that have meaning and aren't just "no" or "yes" type posts. If you really can't think of something to write and you like an idea that is mentioned than just simply click the "like" button on the post you agree with. If you don't like an idea just click "reply" and quickly say why you don't like it. The more clearly you articulate why you do or don't like something the better the discussion will be.

    Things that will likely be included already but can be discussed:
    • 3 worlds; normal, nether, and the end
    • No peaceful factions
    • PvP enabled everywhere other than the spawn area
    • World border (need to discuss size)
    • Weekly, montly, bi-montly, or some other time frame to reset the world?
    • No restrictions on creating a faction (basically you join and can create one)
    • Some sort of economy? (no jobs though) (money from voting?)
    • Admin shop for basic items
    • Daily kits?
    • No MCMMO (can be discussed but we don't need this to be a grinding server)
    • Very relaxed rules (only extremely offensive chat would be disallowed)
    • Faction ranks only (no server ranks)
    • AFK prevention plugin
    • Obsidian breaking plugin
    • Auction plugin

    These are just some ideas to get the conversation started. You don't need to comment on each of them (or any of them) if you don't want to.

    Also, don't be a politician. Say what you want to say concisely and click post. We don't need a bunch of fluff posts. :)
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  2. I_Hate_Lag_

    I_Hate_Lag_ Staff Member Support Admin Wiki Team Supporter

    I like the idea of a ranking system based on time played, enabling kits for certain ranks. This would work if we had an afk prevention plugin.

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  3. CyberSurvivor

    CyberSurvivor Supporter

    As Lag said, I really like the playtime idea for ranking. What I don't agree with that I think many factions servers have problems with is no restrictions. The good thing about mutinycraft factions was always that you had to be a leader, so faction wars would be large scale and epic. With no restrictions, there will be very many 1 person factions and it will be hard to get into any good factions at all.
  4. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    To get into a good faction you will have to prove yourself. That is on the "good" faction leaders to worry about, though. If you bring something to the table and a faction doesn't want to take you as a member that is on them.
  5. Samuri_Bake_Pie

    Samuri_Bake_Pie Well-Known Member

    Just as Jigs said, you have to work to get into a faction. If someone wants to play in their own factions, let them, it's more bases for me to raid. If you want in a really good faction you need to know people and be good at pvp. I know Sadderday intends on creating Beyond which will no doubt be a large faction and I myself will be creating Legit again, which was in my opinion the most powerful faction at the height of its power.

    The whole point I'm trying to make is assuming those are the only two big factions, you have to figure out how to be worth letting in to Sadderdays or myself. It's a fun system that forces you to work, and become good at pvp because cakeislife is probably the only person not above average at pvp I will be letting in my faction.

    As far as MCMMO goes, get out of here. Grinding is boring and there's no point in a 4v1 where the guy in diamond protection armor gets killed but 4 people in iron armor with fists.

    World border I think we need to play by ear. The more people interested the bigger it needs to be, but not big enough that someone can almost never be found.

    I believe the end and nether worlds should be reset weekly so everyone has access to its resources, but the main world should be reset only once every 6 months-1 year. I say this because if it resets weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and even maybe every 3 months, people are going to be tired of grinding their new bases. We need to find a time frame that allows new players to succeed and be able to thrive if they put forth the effort, but also a time frame that rewards larger factions for being successful.

    As far as the economy, we should create a voting system where you can get money and some other sort of set item and voting points. Save said points to buy potions, enchanted armor, weapons, etc. It'll encourage people to vote daily if they can build their points towards buying something useful.

    Admin shop should be very basic, you can sell minerals, and higher end blocks such as nether Quartz, glow stone, etc, that way it forces players to venture out and explode other worlds to make some starting cash. I also believe a player economy should be focused on, and there should be an auction plugin where players can list their items for anyone to bid and buy on.

    Most importantly to me, I think an obsidian breaker plugin should be added so anyone can break obsidian with a set amount of TNT, a bounty plugin to promote some cross faction relations, an auctioneer plugin, and finally a 30 minutes afk kick. We know that people will be finding spawned and wanting to afk and I feel like 30 minutes is plenty of time to do something and come back before getting kicked and losing mob spawns.

    Kits I would like to see a 24 hour cool down iron armor, iron sword, 10 steak, iron tools, and 10 torches kit, simply for people who have nothing to be able to survive large amount of mobs alone and giving them slight protection against anyone trying to pvp around spawn.
  6. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    I removed some BS from your post. Keep it on point.

    I'm not really going to have staff members going around inspecting bases to see if they are underground. The goal is to have no rules like that.
    Some good points.

    I don't believe mcmmo should be added either. I just know some people assumed it would be added and I wanted to have a dicussion on it. People get too carried away with grinding stats that I don't think it would be beneficial.

    I can see resetting the end and the nether more frequently than the main world.

    What you said about the admin shop is what I was thinking of as well. I'm not really sure I agree that we need an auction plugin. It could be nice to have, though.

    I will add the obsidian breaker plugin to the list of things in the OP.
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  7. Lioncub54

    Lioncub54 Member

    If admin shop is pretty basic will there be a /trade?
  8. Samuri_Bake_Pie

    Samuri_Bake_Pie Well-Known Member

    The reason I suggested an auctioneer plugin was to avoid the /trade because people can get ripped off and stuff like that, but like Jigs says it's not entirely necessary, however I'd like to see it.
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  9. Samuri_Bake_Pie

    Samuri_Bake_Pie Well-Known Member

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  10. Aceposiedon

    Aceposiedon Well-Known Member

    I don't really play much anymore but I check in everyonce and a while. I think having some continuity between the different servers would be nice; maybe have rewards for doing well in the faction server but not having any punishments? For example, if you conquer another faction you can chose either faction supplies in the faction world or in the real world, but different options for each. That way either people can expand their control over the faction world or expand their recruiting in the normal world? Hopefully this idea helps. Jigsaw
  11. Goliath_153

    Goliath_153 Supporter

    Just throwing some ideas out there and my thoughts on the list provided, I agree with the faction ranks, if the leader of said faction thinks you are reliable and are actually helping the faction, you're promoted, if not you stay as the same rank. Now, as for the boarder size, I feel as if this should be varied on how many factions there are. If in the the end we are limited how many factions we have (which I support) then we'll have a set boarder size to make it big enough that factions can be spaced out, but not too big that it's impossible to come close to finding anyone and PvP is non-existant because everyone's wondering around lost. I support daily kits, but believe they should only be basic stuff like maybe prot II iron armour and a reg dia sword. This would prevent people from just logging on daily just to get the kit and stock piling everything and not even playing or using it. I know there's this plug in (Can't remember what it's called, I'll get back to this later) that adds more villages and by doing quests for the villagers they give you items. For example you bring back 2 stacks of stone they give you a few diamonds. I feel like this would add to it as an alternative to an economy and have these villagers WG'd or such so you can't be killed while talking to villagers and trading. And finally, I do agree with more relaxed rules, but also think that the rules should still be strongly regulated and watched if someone does misbehave in chat or their behavior in game play. Less rules, still strongly enforced for the rules that are set.
  12. Samuri_Bake_Pie

    Samuri_Bake_Pie Well-Known Member

    There is no "real world" and "faction world". This is a thread about the new FACTION SERVER, not world. When you take over a faction you will simply get whatever they had, not get some preset amount of supplies, that is easily abused and exploited.
  13. Illya

    Illya New Member

    I was thinking about this, maybe something purely visual - like a coloured name? which correlated to the amount of $ you have.
    i.e. 0k-199k green
    200k-399k yellow
    400k-599k orange
    Something to kind of show who's boss independent of the faction.
    I think this is a great idea. It might be difficult to control access to the end though unless there is an artificial portal placed randomly every reset.

    As for world size, 10kX10k ((-5000,-5000) to (5000,5000)) might be a good way to start as it keeps everyone in fairly close proximity for constant combat (fun)
  14. Lioncub54

    Lioncub54 Member

    Not to remove mutiny from its build events, but will we can have kits that you can pay for and bring in some money for the server I know jigs doesn't want the server to be profitable but the kits can allow you have to have /fly and other things. Back to what I was saying about the build events maybe mutiny can have a small build team that we can get building done a lot more efficiently and we get stuff moving a lot faster instead of having to wait a month or two to get just the spawn ready. The money can be used to help out the server in different ways
  15. I_Hate_Lag_

    I_Hate_Lag_ Staff Member Support Admin Wiki Team Supporter

    I think that players should be able to create a faction right when they join but with a fee (This could be through taking most of the money that the people start with or through other ways). I think that people should be able to make a faction easily because this makes it so people can recruit their friends easily to join their faction, on the current survival server people are deterred by having to work for hours to get to where they want to be, a leader.

    I think that something should be put in place in order to stop an overwhelming monopoly from happening, with someone having all the money. This could be done by not having the jobs plugin because as you said, this shouldn't be a grinding server. People should earn money by voting or selling items at the admin shop.

    I think that this should be a way for players to make money additionally to voting for money. Of course, the prices wouldn't be extremely high because it shouldn't be the sole source of money, but it should be an option for players that want to sell items to the store. I think that this store should have basic items but it could also have some premium rare items that people can pay for if they have the money to.

    I think that daily kits are a good idea and are good for players to be able to get on the server and start playing. I also think that there should be some sort of starter kit that gives some obsidian, food, etc. The people that are new to the server will need a few building blocks and food items to begin to make their faction base. For people to get kits, it could be based off of playtime or with our voting plugin we could have some sort of chance system that awards let's say 1% of voters with a special kit.

    Don't really have anything to say to this, I agree we don't want this to be a grinding server and for people to have overpowered stats.

    Assuming we do some ranks for the server that rely on time spent online, we shouldn't allow people to AFK on the server for long periods of time.

    Yes we should have an obsidian breaking plugin so that all bases are able to be raided and not possible to be absolutely invulnerable.

    I think we should allow people to set bounties on other people (Award them money for when they kill someone with a bounty) to encourage more interaction with players and payment between players.

    I think that there could be some special tools or extra money prizes that could be awarded to people that vote. This would be done randomly and make it so there's a change to win a big prize or some extra money to use.
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  16. Lioncub54

    Lioncub54 Member

    What ways of money would there be if we only had some basic items in the shop.
  17. I_Hate_Lag_

    I_Hate_Lag_ Staff Member Support Admin Wiki Team Supporter

    Voting, bounties, selling basic items, we could also do some sort of auction plugin. The server isn't just going to give you a stack of diamond blocks and an inventory of obsidian for you to go and start setting up a base, the players are going to have to work on building their faction base and not have everything given to them.
  18. Rhyno1605

    Rhyno1605 Well-Known Member

    Is there going to be a way to set up markets on your claimed land for people to buy from you?
  19. Lioncub54

    Lioncub54 Member

    If on this server you can only sell a few things to the shop then we would have to have some sort of trade between players
  20. Jigsaw

    Jigsaw Staff Member Administrator Founder Developer

    I added an auction plugin to the list. This will allow players to buy/sell with each other and not have to worry about getting back stabbed if they were to venture to a player shop. Yes, we could setup "safe areas" but the idea is that no area is safe other than the spawn.

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