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Discussion in 'Commander Promotion Request' started by Gil, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. Gil

    Gil Supporter

    I, (Gillyboy5) am requesting to be considered for the rank of Commander.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days? No

    What is your current rank? Leader

    What is your current power level? 5920 (and rising)

    What is the name of your Faction? Kryptic

    How many members are in your Faction? 17

    List all members of your Faction: Virtualboy2005, Benjbunz, Bowbat58, Feigenb0mb, Lioncub54, DeathByTrains, Bthoveen, Volpix101, Ea727, Heatidboy, etzachary, Cratka, Diamond_Demon, gibbysfriend, connormurph, 9_lives
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  2. feigenb0mb

    feigenb0mb New Member

    I reccomend
  3. Lioncub54

    Lioncub54 Member

    I recommend
  4. Bowbat58_

    Bowbat58_ New Member

    I would recommend you. :) (also you'll be the first commander I've ever seen on mutiny)
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