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Discussion in 'Leader Promotion Request' started by Ricky, Sep 11, 2017.


Should Fia receive the rank of leader?

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  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    I, Fia am requesting to be considered for the rank of Leader.

    Were you banned in the last 7 days?


    Were you ever banned from the server? If yes, for what?


    What is your current rank?


    What is your current power level?


    Why would you make a good leader?

    I've ran the KFA faction for about two years, even through the gradual decline of the server's activity at least 40% of the active players were in one of the KFA factions for a majority of my leadership. I was able to provide farms, events, and opportunities to all my members, and I helped my faction moderators rise high in status and achievement on the server. I plan to continue this once again with this new faction.

    Most of you know that I enjoy PvP, even though KFA was originally a peaceful faction I did end up making a separate KFAxPvP faction that I enjoyed running, and so this new faction will be a PvP faction. I plan on battling with BigBananaMana's faction, and any other that wishes to join the fight.

    I have the resources and experience to create and maintain a faction, and humbly ask you for the opportunity to do so.

    To clear everything up Fia is an alt account of mine, which will be standing as the leader of the faction so I can achieve Legend on my main account (Califorya).

    If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below, looking forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield.
  2. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    With the death of kfa what are you naming this new faction

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  3. BigBananMana

    BigBananMana New Member

    Looking forward to the faction wars >:>
  4. ThePartyGuest

    ThePartyGuest Supporter

    Yes from me :)
  5. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    Not sure about that, I still have all of the KFA warps and farms, and I plan on using them for this faction still so its possible I'll keep the old name.

    I also dont plan on recruiting too heavily, maybe a handful of established players who enjoy pvp, I really dont want to poach all of the players like whats happened in the past. Looking forward to some good pvp.
  6. LordToast

    LordToast Lord of all things Toastly. Staff Member Moderator

    Pl0x dun hert mi
  7. Lpm214

    Lpm214 New Member

    yes for me. good luck

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