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    Are you the most inactive person on mutiny? The most active? The newest? The oldest? We will welcome you regardless! The Church of Gibus is the faction suited to everyone, from the most average Joe, to the most wealthy aristocrat. We do not require our members to do anything, but we encourage them to get involved with the faction to improve the experience of everyone else.

    Why join us?
    We don't require anything of our members: everything is free! Our priests and nobles will be happy to help with your ventures in MutinyCraft, regardless of how new or old you are. We don't use money: we trade items for items, or sometimes even just give each other things with the expectation of it paying back in the future. We invest in newer players, and we try to make the new player experience better to make them want to stay for a long time, if not forever!

    We currently have 5 ranks. They do not separate people based on what they enjoy, but rather, how active they are in the faction.

    Peasant-If you are given this rank, you are either new to the server or to the faction.
    Commoner-Most people in the faction should end up being commoners. This will include your average Joe hopping on the server every once in a while until...
    Noble-The active members of the faction who care about the faction. You may only be able to play 1 hour every day, and choose to spend only 2 hours a week playing Mutiny, but if you choose to spend said time with the faction, your efforts will be rewarded.
    Priest-Officers of the faction. These are Nobles, but even more active than Nobles.
    King-Leader of the faction.
    Ex-Member-A player who has been autokicked by the faction.
    Current members as of 5/3/18
    Priest-_FADE_Bri311, Whoopleana47
    Commoner-Iridecen, _Reapercussion_, CREEPER10623
    Ex-Member-gamess6, Kahooooo, AlphaBlade, HappyMuk, Vipinx, Kahooooot, Jimmyboy19961998, RobTheAwsm, Arctic_Shooter, Trooper_88, Blemgraf, Castillix

    How did you get the name Church of Gibus? What is a Gibus?
    -I run a discord named after a hat in Team Fortress 2, the Gibus, and its popularity sparked the making of this faction. You can join here.
    What does your faction offer other than a sense of community?
    -Our faction home has large farms, and since I can add you to kfarm, just shoot me a message and I'll add you.
    I play other games! I have a life! How can I avoid the 2 week faction autokick?
    -Just don't worry. I'll reinvite you whenever and you can have your old rank back.
    I would love to join, but my allegiances are with another faction. Can I circumvent this?
    -Your loss. We treat outsiders with respect but faction members are definitely preferable.

    If you'd like to join, either contact me in game or on the forums/discord, and I'll invite you.
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    EDIT: Added ex-member rank for those who were autokicked from the faction.
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    EDIT: Updated members

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