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By Jigsaw on Jan 17, 2013 at 3:01 PM
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    These changes are official as of now!

    Read these:


    As some of you are already aware, we have been planning to introduce some changes to the way our Faction system works. Let me start out by saying that the changes that are going to be introduced in this thread will not drastically change game play. If you prefer how Factions worked in the past you are still able to continue on in much of the same manner as you have in the past. The changes we are introducing are aimed at expanding and enhancing the role of Factions on this server and we will do that be rewarding factions and faction members for being successful.

    Why are these changes necessary?

    These changes are not "necessary". The changes that are going to be introduced are only to enhance the enjoyment of the server. We are not trying to change the gaming style of this server, but rather, enhance and build on what we already have. Once you read the proposed changes I feel that the majority will agree these changes make factions much more enjoyable and useful.

    Faction Tiers:

    Factions will now be categorized by a tier system. The tier of a faction corresponds directly to the number of players in a faction. Larger factions will be a higher tier. The higher the tier of your faction the more prestigious the rewards are available to the top faction.

    Tier 0: This is only for Peaceful factions no matter the size.​

    Tier 1: This is for factions with less than 15 members.​

    Tier 2: This is for faction with 15 or more members.​

    The number of tiers may grow at any time based on the needs of the server. For now, we have decided that two tiers (1 & 2) for PVP factions will suffice. Peaceful factions are permanetly considered a tier 0 faction because they have chosen to abstain for PVP, which is the scoring mechanism used for rating a faction.

    If a tier 1 faction gains 15 or more members they will be bumped up to a tier 2 faction effective immediately.

    If a tier 2 faction loses enough members to have less than 15 they will remain as a tier 2 faction until the start of the next month. At the start of the next month they will be dropped to a tier 1 faction.

    Faction Scores:

    Factions will now be scored on what they do while in the BattleGround (BG) world. The only way for a faction to be successful is for them to utilize the Faction world and create a name for their faction in this world.

    The scoring system will work as follows:


    Tier 1 kills Tier 1 = 2 points​
    Tier 1 kills Tier 2 = 4 points​
    Tier 2 kills Tier 1 = 1 point​
    Tier 2 kills Tier 2 = 2 points​


    Tier 1 claims Tier 1 = 6 points​
    Tier 1 claims Tier 2 = 12 points​
    Tier 2 claims Tier 1 = 3 points​
    Tier 2 claims Tier 2 = 6 points​

    The logic behind the scoring is to encourage large factions to fight with each other and not pick on small upcoming factions. The scoring will only apply in the Battleground world and it is handled automatically by a custom plugin. More information on the commands and scoreboard of the plugin when we get closer to the date of implementation.

    All of the score changes that take place will be recorded in a log file. If any faction is believed to have "boosted" their score in any way they will face server punishment to include a possible disbanding if severe enough.


    At the end of the month the highest scoring faction from each tier will be rewarded with in game rewards. The rewards are only applicable to members of the faction who were in the faction at the end of the month. Anyone joining after the month has ended will not be rewarded.

    Tier 1 Rewards:​

    - Access to a small, private, and protected base inside Battlegrounds.​
    - Access to private mob spawners inside the protected base.​
    - Weekly XP potion stockpiles delivered to the protected base.​

    Tier 2 Rewards:​

    - Access to a large, private, and protected fortress inside Battlegrounds.​
    - Access to private mob spawners inside the protected base.​
    - Weekly XP potion stockpiles delivered to the protected base.​
    - Private MobArena in the fortress only for Faction members (with XP drops enabled).

    The rewards listed above will be available for one month or until another faction has a higher score at the end of a month.

    Battleground PVP and Claiming:

    The entire Battleground world will be changed to ignore Peaceful status factions (much like warzones). The only difference between this and a warzone is that you will lose faction power if you are killed, regardless of your faction status. This means peaceful factions will now be able to lose power levels by being killed in the Battlegrounds or by dying accidentally in other worlds (excluding warzones).

    Peaceful factions will also now be able to claim land anywhere they choose, but PVP factions will also be able to claim the land of Peaceful factions if their power is low enough. Battleground was designed to be a PVP world and for that reason Peaceful factions will be held to the same standard as PVP factions in this world. The only thing different about Peaceful and PVP factions (in BG) is that Peaceful factions will not be scored based on kills or claiming as they are a tier 0 faction.

    Keep in mind, this isn't a punishment for Peaceful factions. As a peaceful faction you have chosen to be protected from PVP. If all you want to do is go to Battleground for an XP grinder you only need to claim one piece of land. It would be almost impossible for another faction to claim that chunk of land from a large peaceful faction. As a Peaceful faction you are still allowed to claim 1 chunk in any world that can act as your /f home position.

    Other Changes:

    - Power Loss on death has been decreased from 5.0 – 2.5.​
    - Peaceful territory will now allow PVP in BG.​
    - Peaceful faction members can now be killed anywhere in BG.​
    - Cost to claim Wilderness land was raised from $2,000 - $3,000 (plus the multiplier).​
    - Cost to claim Enemy land bonus was raised from $1,000 - $2,000 (plus normal price and the multiplier).​
    - Any claimed land must be connected to previously claimed land. The only exception is if you are claiming the land of an enemy faction. This is enforced automatically by the Factions plugin.​
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jan 17, 2013.

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    1. Quincy
      I have read the entire thing, and like the entire idea of it. You're trying to create more use to factions in battlegrounds and give people a objective to get to claiming and other factions things.
      I am just wondering but how will this work? Will this be like a clan cup and fighting in a arena to gather points? And how does Tier 2 kills Tier 2 = 4 points however the second Tier 2 kill Tier 2= 2 points? If you add these changes i think there will be more people to pvp, and less in peaceful factions. It will bring back alot of pvp aspects to the server and will be very fun. And i also like the rewards that factions will get if they do win enough points.
      Try it :)
    2. Algi1998
      Yes yes yes yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YES
      GOD YES
      This is epic
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    3. Jigsaw
      The fighting and claiming will be completely dependent on the factions. If factions want to participate in this system they will need to start utilizing BG more than they currently do. I have considered adding 4 more warps to BG to allow quicker travel. The warps could be set up at the North, South, West, and East ends of the world and be protected by a small buffer zone similar to the main warp.
      That was a typo. :p I fixed the post.

      The key here is this: This will not work and will definitely fail unless the players make it work. There is only so much I can do to encourage factions/players to take advantage of everything that factions has to offer. The rest of it is up to you!
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    4. Quincy
      That is very cool! And is there going to be an arena for fight to get points?
    5. Vol2112
      The ENTIRE Battleground world.
    6. Jigsaw
      There wont be any arenas that are built by the server. You can fight wherever you want. The plugin I have made will automatically know if you died in BG and based on that information it will reward you points.
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    7. Algi1998

      I love that you're making plugins unique to mutinycraft :) It's really cool because if we want something to work, we can just make it work :D I think this will work very well, and is definitely going to turn me from peaceful to pvp.
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    8. iLizzy
    9. Computer
      Yes pls, I love you jigs.
    10. iLizzy
      I love the mob arena idea it's just great great great. But Jigsaw I dun understand the Xp potion part and the mob spawner... So u can choose where to put a spawner?!
    11. Jigsaw
      The XP potions will be placed in a chest inside the protected area (replenished each week). It will be up to the Faction Admin to fairly distribute them to the faction members.
    12. Samuri_Bake_Pie
      Jigs. For all of the times I have raged at you for peaceful factions. Wow. I'm hecka sorry. This is fracking awesome! PvP will be centered around free rewards, and omfg, people wont hesitate to go to BG anymore, pvp will come back, and pvp factions pretty much get their own world where we can deal with peaceful people. I love it. Amazing ideas, just the one thing I need clarification on is can peaceful factions claim pvp faction's land?
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    13. Heavyduty122
    14. Vol2112
      Yes Sam, they will. Anyone can claim any land in BG. :)
      Neofox07 likes this.
    15. mdobecker
      This is....... EPIC :D
    16. mdobecker
      So if you die in bg you lose mcmmo points?
    17. cowttrim
      cowttrim lose f power, anyone in bg who dies will lose f power.
    18. Ipuntbabyz
      In case it isn't obvious, Staff will not be able to be participate in this new system that in depthly due to us abstaining from raiding and such.
    19. Aceposiedon
      This is amazing jigsaw. What an Idea! I love it :D
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