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  1. rockinon96

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    ok, so my birthday is coming up (july 23), and im turning 17! i am going to throw a huge minecraft birthday party for me and whoever else has a birthday coming up! the party if i get permission from jigsaw and some mods and other staff, will be hosted at a place that will be disclosed at a later date, possibly on the 3rd of july (next wednsday). like or comment and ur in the party, if i get it arranged quick enough, u will get party favors (xp potions, leather "party" caps, leather armor, possibly some valuables [sugarcane, meat, diamond, iron, gold, stone, soul sand, etc.]. so anyway, when at a zombie apocalypse, always use a sword, and rpg!

    later! -,...,-
  2. link564

    link564 Well-Known Member

    jigs didnt even have a minecraft b-day party, did he?
  3. rockinon96

    rockinon96 New Member

  4. rockinon96

    rockinon96 New Member

    thats y ima gonna throw one for him and me and anyone else whos birthdays are in june july
  5. coolluck3man

    coolluck3man Active Member

    Jigs did
  6. DAChubon

    DAChubon Active Member

    my bday is july 6:D

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