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Discussion in 'Pictures / Videos' started by Sadderday, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Sadderday

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    I dunno what the deal is but I went around all of Battleground today and found about 8 different factions /f home's and i think maybe 2 were above ground and oh....they were peacefuls by the way. Why does everyone feel the need to hide their stuff underground? As long as you manage your /f power correctly as a good faction admin should, you should have nothing to be afraid of. Here's some pictures of what Beyond's Faction Home is looking like so far. Notice how its above ground :p. Come visit! We Like Visitors!!!
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  2. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    Anywho, So yea, that is our /f home so far. I'm actually thinking about opening up for some alliances. Shocker i know. So message me on the forum or in game and we can discuss some things to see if we are a good fit.
  3. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

  4. camedice98

    camedice98 Active Member

    Dude! Sweet F Home!! I havent even had a chance to get started on my factions... lol
  5. Dodito

    Dodito Retired

    Stop or locked, clear?
  6. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    It's stopped Dod. Sorry it got off topic. I just wanted to show some pics.
  7. Konstruckt

    Konstruckt Well-Known Member

    I take it the obsidian is more for defense than aesthetics.
  8. Dubesta11

    Dubesta11 Supporter

    The bg is open? Hope it doesnt get spammed with grinders, but i guess if thats the only XP world, thats how its going to be :p
  9. Iceyy

    Iceyy Well-Known Member

    Sadderday, would you mind posting a few more screenshots after pressing F3?
  10. Dubesta11

    Dubesta11 Supporter

    He he he...
  11. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    :p nah not yet. And the Obsidian will look better when im done decorating the outside. I'm going to finish the interior before i start making stuff look pretty :p
  12. K00SH

    K00SH Supporter

    This looks awesome Sadderday :) And I like to build /f homes underground because I just am not good at building in the first place so holes in the ground are easy :p And also (off topic), your signature is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

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