Banned for logging off during jail.

Discussion in 'Temporary Ban' started by xvhamvx, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. xvhamvx

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    I've (XxDemon117xX) been banned for logging off during jail for 5 days. It is listed no where in the rules that you are required to stay logged in during the duration of a jail. I recall a time several years ago when I was jailed by Itarotchi and was allowed to log out without consequences because being jailed and unable to play is the same as not playing.

    I was jailed because I was stuck inside MA which I was using to train unarmed but upon dying it would spawn me in the same MA train room. The game had glitched in some way and upon Jigs logging in he killed me which allowed me to escape MA but then jailed me. Being stuck in the glitch was not something I had schemed up in some way, and instead of arguing with staff about being jailed I decided to leave the game. Sorry if that offended you Jigs. That was not my intentions if that is the reason for the ban.
  2. Jigsaw

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    It was a 10 minute jail and you chose to log out instead of serving your jail time.
  3. xvhamvx

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    I don't want to argue but its not against the rules to log out, even during jail time. What difference is there between me walking away from my computer logged in to the server or logged out? Also why does having you kill my character because MA is glitched result in being jailed?

    Edit: I don't want to be rude or argue to reiterate. I did not break any of the written rules though. I only asked if you could get me out of MA because it was glitched.
  4. Jigsaw

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    You logged out while in MA. It happening once is a glitch, it happening three times with three different people is intentional or at the least suspicious. So, to educate you to be more careful I jailed for 10 minutes. You decided it wasn't worth your time to wait so I gave you a harsher punishment.

    In regards to the rules. Not everything is explicitly spelled out and your best course of action would've been to ask before logging out. Now you know for next time.

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