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    Tomorrow is the start of a new month and that means the votes will be reset. Remember to keep voting for the server to help get our server name out there and get new players to join our community.

    MutinyCraft has recently added a new voting plugin that allows players more options for rewards. All of the information on this plugin can be found on the Wiki here. The most notable feature of this plugin is that you no longer need to be online for your vote to give you rewards. As soon as you vote (online or offline) you will have points added to your account in game which you can redeem for things like diamonds, ender pearls, beacons, and much more. For the complete list of rewards see the Wiki.

    Most Votes Reward!

    Along with the new plugin we will also be giving away some rewards for the top voters in the month of August. This is to help encourage people to continue to show their support for the server by voting and also reward those who take time out of their day to vote. The top voter will receive their choice of 1600 Microsoft Points, $20 PlayStation Network Card, or a $25 Steam Gift Card! Provided by EtherSong. If there is a tie for first place the winner will be randomly chosen.

    Rewards for Top Voters:
    1. Choice of 1600 Microsoft Points, $20 PlayStation Network Card, or a $25 Steam Gift Card
    2. 50 Bonus Voting Points
    3. 25 Bonus Voting Points

    To be eligible to win these prizes you must be at least Miner/Farmer/Warrior on MutinyCraft and have an account in good standing (not banned). If you win the 1st place prize you will be private messaged on the forum and asked which of the three gift codes you would like. Once you choose one of them, you will me messaged back with the gift code after it is purchased.
    Top Voters:
    1. Morganathon / morgan5555 62 - First Place
    2. Araessa 62 - Second Place
    3. AraduRIS 60 - Third Place Tie
    4. evanstevensevan 60 - Third Place Tie
    5. naomifg100 60 - Third Place Tie
    6. k00sh 55
    7. cakeislife 55
    8. bloodyninja1122 54
    9. megamind123 53
    10. bandgeek1001 51
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jul 31, 2013.

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