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    If for some reason you get banned from MutinyCraft for breaking a rule you have the option to appeal your ban. You are allowed to appeal any ban as long as you wait the required time before you submit an appeal. If you are unsure of when you were banned please see the ban message when you try to connect to the server or PM any staff member and they will reply with the date.

    What to know before you appeal:

    If you are "Temporarily banned from the server" you should not post a ban appeal. There is a separate forum for this type of a ban.

    You must wait the required time to appeal your ban or it will be denied. If you feel your ban was a mistake you may ask permission from a Support Admin or above to appeal early.

    Just because you appeal your ban doesn't mean you will get unbanned. We have the right to deny any ban appeal for any reason if we feel it beneficial to the server.

    If you don't put a reasonable amount of effort into your ban appeal it will be denied. Don't waste your time and our time by writing a few words. You wont be unbanned.

    If you truly do not know why you were banned let that be known in your post. If you lie and just say you don't know because you either don't "understand" the rules or you just don't want to write a good ban appeal, your appeal will be denied.​

    Time you must wait to appeal:

    1st ban: You may post an appeal at any time.

    2nd ban: 30 days before you may post an appeal.

    3rd ban: 3 months before you may post an appeal.

    4th ban: 9 months before you may post an appeal.

    Over 4 bans: 1 year before you may post an appeal.

    These times are non-negotiable.

    Follow this template when you submit your ban appeal:

    Minecraft Username:

    Date of your ban (Day/Month/Year):

    What were you banned for:

    Is this your first ban:

    How will change if you are unbanned:

    DOs and DON'Ts (open)


    -Respect staff without question. If we ask you a question about your ban, answer it please.

    -BE COMPLETELY HONEST - I can't stress this enough. If you lie during your appeal process, you could very well find yourself permanently banned with no appeal.

    -Follow the ban appeal structure! The format is listed in the post above this. If you don't read it, you will be asked to re-format your appeal.

    -Include all details in which you were banned for. If it was multiple offenses, listing them all only HELPS your chances.

    -Don't overreact, rage, curse, etc. Remaining calm in your replies can only help your chances.

    -Write a serious appeal, with lots of effort put into it.

    -RESPECT THE VERDICT! - If you are permanently banned, think about your actions and move on.


    -Disobey staff's decisions / orders.

    -Lie during your appeal, this will destroy your chances.

    -Spam, curse, rage, etc when things aren't looking good for your appeal.

    -DON'T say your brother, sister, dog, cat, mom, dad, neighbor, or anyone else "hacked" / logged on to your account and broke the rules. YOU are the one responsible for your OWN account, and you will be punished as if you did the rule breaking yourself!
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