Anyone old still around?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JackTurbo95, May 18, 2018.

  1. JackTurbo95

    JackTurbo95 Supporter

    Wassup guys,

    It's been a while (to those that know/remember me!). How's things been? I'm trying to get back into MineCraft again and what other server should I use other than home! It's been too long guys, hope to see some old faces in game and some new ones to meet too!

    Hit me up!

  2. M1N3CR4FTdude123

    M1N3CR4FTdude123 Supporter

    I'm doing fine! Most of us are playing different games nowadays, but we do have a discord where we keep up with each other.
  3. r0adk1ll

    r0adk1ll Supporter

    Well I'm old, and I'm still around :)
  4. ZodiacForever

    ZodiacForever NOOT NOOT Staff Member Moderator Supporter

    I try to log in and keep up Moderator duties, but I'm also balancing school in the mix. Love to see more people return!
  5. AraduRIS

    AraduRIS Retired Economy Admin

    Now that is a name I have not heard of in a long time. Wassup Jacky :D
  6. kawiforlife

    kawiforlife Supporter

    :happy-cry: Jackyboy
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  7. xchrisx1234

    xchrisx1234 Retired Repo Man

  8. Jackalo

    Jackalo Supporter

    The world keeps on turning.
  9. BroncoBuster25

    BroncoBuster25 Supporter

    Yes I play everyday
  10. Algi1998

    Algi1998 Supporter

  11. noobz0r4

    noobz0r4 New Member

    I'm around occasionally, I pop in whenever I get an itch to get on.
  12. abupro1234

    abupro1234 New Member

    dang road its been a while lol. havent been on in forever or even knew there was a adiscord lol

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