Buying 3.6 million dollars in assets

Discussion in 'Buy / Sell / Trade' started by HappyMuk, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. HappyMuk

    HappyMuk Active Member

    Iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis etc. Beacons Basically any block that has value. Throw out the item you are selling down bellow and price and i will most likely buy.
  2. Ricky

    Ricky Supporter

    why lol
  3. HappyMuk

    HappyMuk Active Member

    Want to convert money into blocks and stuff i dont really have a real reason.
  4. Sadderday

    Sadderday Supporter

    6 Stacks of Emerald Blocks.
  5. HappyMuk

    HappyMuk Active Member

    What price we talking?
  6. Starstriker3

    Starstriker3 Member

    I would but I sort've... got robbed... not sure how.

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