2015 MutinyCraft Olympics

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By Jigsaw on Jul 10, 2015 at 9:46 PM
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    The 2015 MutinyCraft Olympics are finally here! This year we are doing some of the same events as last year and we have also added a few new events. The MutinyCraft Olympics are similar in structure to the real olympics. Continue reading for more information.

    When are the MutinyCraft Olympics?

    The MutinyCraft Olympics will take place from July 13th until July 27th.​

    Who can participate?

    Anyone who is ranked Miner/Farmer/Warrior or above can participate in the MutinyCraft Olympics. Obviously, this does not include Support Admins as they are not normal players.​

    What are the MutinyCraft Olympics?

    The MutinyCraft Olympics are divided into 7 games which everyone can participate in. The top 3 performers in each of the games will earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal. Each of the games are different and you will need to read the posts below to know how you can do well in each specific game. Some of the games will only allow you a few chances to compete while others will happen more often.

    In addition to the medals for each of the games the player who receives the highest amount of medals, based on points, will receive an overall reward for their performance.​

    Medal Points

    Gold Medal = 3 points
    Silver Medal = 2 points
    Bronze Medal = 1 point​

    Overall Rewards (highest medal count)

    Gold Medal = 200 event eggs and a dragon egg
    Silver Medal = 100 event eggs
    Bronze Medal = 50 event eggs​


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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Jul 10, 2015.

    1. Smelter_Demon
      When does the first game start :p
    2. Smelter_Demon
    3. I_Hate_Lag_
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    4. zada274
      Well i will be more active :D! (but no pvp) :(
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    5. I_Hate_Lag_
      Olympics start tomorrow! There will be no set time for events to happen, so you will have to be online and see the announcements for the events! :bookworm:
    6. I_Hate_Lag_
      To encourage more people to participate in the in these events, we have decided to extend the Olympics to continue for 2 more weeks. This means the final day for the Olympics will be on August 9th.
    7. feigenb0mb
      is there going to be more events?
    8. Thalan79
      W00t. The parkour was fun. As well as the hunts. Looking forward to being representing the Assassins again. Is there a leader board to see where everyone is placed atm?
    9. I_Hate_Lag_
      Scroll to the first post of this thread and click on the green buttons for each event.
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    10. Thalan79
      Thanks. You rock.
    11. Ricky
      When are the winners going to be announced?
    12. Jigsaw
      Today. :)
    13. I_Hate_Lag_
      I was waiting last night to see if Thalan or TPG got on because they would influence the scores, but they didn't. So I'll post the results when I get home.

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    14. Ricky
      Here is what I tallied up:

      ikke82: 1
      Lioncub54: 1
      EA727: 1
      orangestickman: 1
      DeadlySickness: 2
      gamess6: 5
      xxrickyjpxx: 6
      Mr_Boing: 6
      killroit: 7
      hotdjdave: 9​
      Gold Medal= hotdjdave
      Silver Medal= killroit
      Bronze Medal= xxrickyjpxx/Mr_Boing?
    15. ThePartyGuest
      Yeah, sorry about that. Been busy with school starting back
    16. I_Hate_Lag_
      Overall Medals:

      Gold Medal = Hotdjdave (hotdjdave) 9 points
      Silver Medal = Killroit (Killroit) 7 points
      Bronze Medal = xxrickyjpxx 6 points

      Thank you everyone for participating in this year's MutinyCraft Olympic Games.

      Mr_B0ing = 6
      Gamess6 = 5
      Lioncub54 = 3
      Deadlysickness = 2
      Goliath_153 = 2
      OrangeStickMan = 1
      Ikke82 = 1​
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    17. I_Hate_Lag_
      To get your event prizes, go to /warp olympics in game. Each one of the people who got a medal has a chest at this warp. You can trade in your medals for event eggs, including the people who got medals from last year for the following amounts:
      Gold: 15 event eggs
      Silver: 10 event eggs
      Bronze: 5 event eggs
      Ask Jigsaw or I in game to trade your medal for event eggs.
    18. Lioncub54
      Well I will redeem mine in 24 hours :yuck:

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