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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Dec 18, 2014.

By Jigsaw on Dec 18, 2014 at 9:47 AM
  1. Jigsaw

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    MutinyCraft will be updating to 1.8 in the very near future. This has been put off for a few weeks due to other commitments that were taking up my time. I have much more free time at the moment, so I plan on testing and updating in the very near future.

    This post will be updated with the status of each server as they are updated.
    • Creative - 1.8
    • Hub - 1.8
    • KitPVP - 1.8
    • Minigames - 1.8
    • Survival - 1.8
    • Survival Games - 1.8
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Discussion in 'Server News' started by Jigsaw, Dec 18, 2014.

    1. silverwolf1989
    2. ThePartyGuest
    3. Ricky
      Great work ;)
    4. Crossfire1216
      *Months.... Lol
      Yay! :D
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    5. ConnorWM
    6. Ricky
      I assume once survival is updated to 1.8 that 1.7.10 clients will no longer be able to join?
    7. Jigsaw
    8. CyberSurvivor
      Jigs, it is broken! You need to fix bungee because of the new version we have the ip of the server but we need the bungeecord proxy ip or its going to not work. It has that ip forwarding message and its kinda annoying.
    9. Jigsaw
      Just calm down. Nothing is broken. We are still updating.
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    10. cade510
    11. Jigsaw
      Survival is now updated to 1.8! There may be some bugs as this was a huge update. If you notice any bugs at all make sure and let a staff member know. If the bug is a serious issue that shouldn't be known by other players please message me privately either in game or on the forum.

      A few things to note:
      • New doors are not lockable yet. They will be added soon.
      • Sponge placing, breaking, and picking up is disabled at the moment since these are rare event items.
      • Lethal mob spawning is currently broken. They spawn sometimes, but are very rare.
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    12. CyberSurvivor
      the ipforward bug is still evident when I try to run w/ forge. why? Does the server not support forge?
    13. Jigsaw
      The server does not support forge.
    14. r0adk1ll
      Congrats on the update Jigs. Unlike most folks I do have an inkling of how much work was involved.

      All the main stuff seems to be fine. Iron doors work properly now. The /vote command isnt working, but thats no biggie. My fps is about 10% slower but I had close on 200fps to start with so thats not an issue.

      To all those who reckon 1.8 update is causing all the lag spikes recently...nah. Its everyone being on the internet over the holidays. I pay a premium for a service that doesnt slow down when all the youngsters get home from school but even mine has been a bit 'iffy' on a couple of days this time. First time ever so I'm guessing this years holiday internet traffic was extra-ordinarily heavy.

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