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Battleground Reset

The Battleground world will be reset when CraftBukkit is updated to Minecraft version 1.3. That means that you have about 1-2 weeks to remove any buildings that you want to get material from and prepare for the new world.

I realize that some people are against a map being reset, but you should understand that the Battleground world is not a normal world. To offer the chance for players to experience a full 1.3 world this was the best option.

I did consider creating an additional world, but I decided against that for several reasons. The main one being that there are always going to be more updates and we can't make a new world for each one.

When the new world is created we will also release the updated Faction rules which will need to be read and understood immediately if you are in or own a faction. There will be a few changes to how peaceful factions may interact inside the new Battleground world. There will also be a few changes as to how Faction Admins control and create their factions.

Do not ask any of the staff what the updates to the rules will be at this time. We will share that information with you when we feel it is necessary.
Vote Rewards

If you remember at the beginning of the month I said that if we have at least 1,000 votes on minestatus on July 15th, ender pearls will stay as a voting reward for the rest of the month. Well, we have almost 1,100 votes as of the time I am writing this! That means that ender pearls will stay as a voting reward for the rest of July.

Since we accomplished that goal I will give you something else to work for. If we achieve 2,500 votes by the end of July I will leave ender pearls as a voting reward for the entire month of August!

Keep voting and help the MutinyCraft's community grow even more.

Status: Complete

MutinyCraft will be offline for 30-45 minutes on Friday, July 13th starting at approximately 11:00 AM Central Standard Time. During this downtime the server will be white-listed and/or appear offline. The downtime is for some minor maintenance and software updates to the server. For the most part you wont notice any major changes. If you are normally online at this time please feel free to join our IRC channel and you will still be able to chat with people while the maintenance is being performed.

Please do not message me asking when the server will be back online or it will just take me longer to finish what I have to do. If there are any issues or the downtime will be longer than expected I will inform everyone.
New Jobs and Ranks!

I am sure most of you have noticed the new jobs that were added to the server. These new jobs are; blacksmith, brewer, and enchanter. There were also two new ranks added to the server. The new ranks are; Prodigy and Legend. These ranks are for players who are not interested in running a Faction and would rather devote their time to triaing McMMO. For that reason they have extremely high power level requirements.

Jobs Added:

·Blacksmith – Earn money for crafting select tools and weapons.​
·Brewer – Earn money for brewing various things.​
·Enchanter – Earn money each time you enchant select tools and weapons​

Ranks Added:

Votes reset July 1st!

Updated voting rewards!

Starting July 1st for a limited time you will receive the normal voting rewards, plus the addition of 1 enderpearl per vote. That means you can get 2 enderpearls per day. You will receive these rewards for the first 15 days of July and if by July 15th the server has recieved at least 1,000 votes on minestatus we will keep the enderpearl reward for the rest of the month!

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