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Our beloved mall has moved! We have three warps to this new mall... These are: Mall, Mall1, and Mall2. Plots can be rented for up to two weeks, and the price depends on the location! Before your rent is up you ought to get your stuff out of there or else someone can open a pe to have the stuff removed!

Some things to keep in mind when renting a mall plot can be found here.

If you wish to rent a plot simply right click the sign. Each rental is for 7 days and you have the option to extend it an additional 7 days (for a total of 14 days). If you change your mind and no longer want the plot you can unrent a plot by holding shift and right clicking. You will only receive part of your money back if you unrent a plot.
After a lengthy discussion with the Support Admins we have finally decided that the server needs one final rank to allow people to work towards. This has been requested by many players and it was decided that we would be able to create a new rank that has more perks and prestige than the Legend rank. The new rank is named Elite and you can read all about it here.

Several people have come to me wanting to know when we will support username changes and I cannot give you an answer right now. There is one main plugin that we are waiting for and that is mcMMO. There are versions that support username changes, but they have not been fully tested yet.

However, if you want to change your username you will be able to do so. Please follow the steps below to change your username.

Before you change your username:
  1. Send me (Jigsaw) a message on the forum before you change your username. Make sure to include your current username and the username you plan to change it to.
  2. Unlock all of your locked items with /cremove and relock them with /cprivate. To make things go quickly and avoid having to retype the command use the command /cpersist.
After you change your username:
  1. Reply to the message you sent earlier and let me know that you have changed your username.
  2. Wait for a reply back from me and I will let you know when I will transfer your rank and stats.
Anything you forgot to unlock will remain locked. The MutinyCraft staff will not be able to unlock items for you.

If you have already changed your username there is nothing we can do at this point in time. You will be able to change your name back after 30 days and follow the steps above to regain control of your items and rank.
Starting tomorrow, February 4th, Mojang will allow you to change your minecraft username. Do not change your username until after you have read this complete post and understand all of the consequences. You will not receive any sympathy from the MutinyCraft staff if you choose to ignore this warning.

How to change your username

What you need to know:
  • mcMMO: You will lose all of your mcMMO stats and you will be an Outsider.
  • LWC: You will lose all of your locked items that have been locked previous to the 1.8 update.
What you can do if you still want to change your name:
  • mcMMO: There is nothing you can do about your mcMMO stats. You will need to start completely over at Citizen and work your way back up the ranks. When we have an updated version of mcMMO you will then be able to change your name and retain your stats.
  • LWC: Unlock all of your items (unless you know they were locked after the 1.8 update) and relock them with /lock
MutinyCraft now features a custom MAPoints plugin created by Jigsaw. Players can now exchange their MA points for rewards. MAPoints will be added to your account whenever you kill a monster in Mob Arena.

Points per kill: 2


/mapoints - Displays all of the commands associated with the plugin
/mapoints buy [Reward ID] - This is used to purchase rewards with your MAPoints.
/mapoints points - This displays the amount of points you have currently
/mapoints rewards - This will display the current rewards for MAPoints that you can purchase
/mapoints top - This displays the top 10 people with MAPoints

Current Rewards

Reward ID: 1
Description: 2 Diamonds
Price: 500 points

Reward ID: 2
Description: 16 Bottles of Enchants
Price: 500 points

Reward ID: 3
Description: 16 Lapis Lazuli Dye
Price: 500 points

Reward ID: 4
Description: 1 Ender Pearl
Price: 500 points

Reward ID: 5
Description: 1 Beacon
Price: 100,000 Points