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Minecraft will likely be releasing 1.2 tomorrow (March 1, 2012). If you still want to play on the server until it is updated you must click "Not Now" when minecraft prompts you to update. If you do not click "Not Now" you will update your minecraft client and will be unable to connect to the server until we can update. Updating servers takes more time than it does to update a client because we have to wait for CraftBukkit and all of the plugins to update. Most have been preparing for the release of 1.2 and it should only be a few days at the most before we can update.

If you really want to try 1.2 and see what new features it has, just make a copy of your minecraft.jar file and save it somewhere before you update. Then if you ever want to go back to 1.1 you can just drag and drop the 1.1 minecraft.jar into your .minecraft folder.

How to go from 1.1 to 1.2 and 1.2 to 1.1 on Windows:

  • Click the Windows button on your desktop
    Enter %APPDATA% into the windows search box yes include the % symbols
    Open your .minecraft folder
    Open the bin folder
    Create a folder somewhere you can find again
    Right click the minecraft.jar file and select copy
    Go to your newly created folder
    Right click anywhere in the new folder and select paste
    Now you may upgrade your minecraft client
    To go back to 1.1 just replace the minecraft.jar with the one you saved in the folder you created
The LWC database has been rolled back thanks to an option that the plugin developer found to repair removed protections. That means almost all locks should be back and that the only thing you will have to do is /cmodify them back to any other players that have been added. The result of the database repair removed all the modified names. At least we got our locks back though. :)
The server will be temporarily whitelisted while Jigs tries to sort out a lag issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully the problem will be fixed shortly.

Thank you.
The server will be unavailable for a few hours tonight from around 10:00PM - 2:00AM CST to test new hardware. If you remember using the IP yesterday and then it changing back to the old IP that was because the new hardware had faulty RAM and was unstable. I will be testing this again tonight to see if the new RAM resolves the issues. This downtime should only affect a handful of people since there are only around 10-20 players online during this time period.
Server will be temporarily whitelisted and will have periods of downtime Wednesday, January 18th from approximately 10:00AM until 4:00PM Central Standard Time while maintenance is performed on the server. This time will be used to perform off site backups of all the files, cleanup of unneeded files, updating of some plugins, and some adjustments to the server to achieve better performance. This may not last for 6 hours and this may be rescheduled to sometime later in the week. The time was decided because there is usually a small number of players on during this time during the week and is supposedly protesting SOPA on this day and they will take the Minecraft verification servers offline. I will post updates here as needed. If you have any questions please PM me on the forum or email me at Thanks. :)