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Recently CraftBukkit has taken measures to ensure the safety of Multiplayer Servers by adding a feature that will block unsafe IPs. This feature utilizes an independent company that sole purpose is to monitor and track IPs. If you try and connect and you receive a message that "Your IP has been flagged as unsafe by" you will not be able to connect to the server until you get it unflagged.

If you have this issue you will need to go to and follow the steps to get your IP removed from the blacklist.

MutinyCraft has no way to remove your IP from this database and it is up to you to follow the steps in order to remove your IP from their site. I do have the power to turn this feature off and I have decided that for the safety of the server I will leave it on. I know of only 2 people who this has directly affected and I am confident if they take the proper steps to contact the company mentioned that their IP will be removed from the blacklist.

If you have any questions feel free to message me.
Donor tags have been added to the new forum. The 'tags' include the Donor title, as well as a shiny yellow name. If we forgot to add your tag and you donated let us know. Titans and Staff members will not get a donor tag because of their special rank.
The server maintenance is complete. However, we did not add any new plugins at this time. There were a few updates, but nothing major that will affect normal players.

On another topic if you ever have issues logging onto the server you may use one of two IPs to connect:
MutinyCraft will be offline for approximately 15 minutes Friday, April 13th at 1:00 PM Central Standard Time. This is just to clean up some unused files and also test a few plugins that may or may not be added. You do not need to do anything special for this downtime and this message is just to inform everyone that the server will be unavailable at the time mentioned. Join us on MutinyCraft's IRC channel for more info during this down time.
New plugin is being added to help stop combat logging. Once this is added if you log out in combat you will no longer face a ban, but an NPC will spawn in place of you and will have your inventory, health, and armor. If that NPC is killed you will lose your items and will die when you relog. The NPC will only stay visible for 20 seconds after you log out.

More info: