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I made a new trailer for the server today. If you get a chance please check it out and maybe give it a thumbs up if you like it. :)
Hey everyone, as you may already know, Mob Arena is up and working! So far, there is only one arena called "Death." We are discussing adding a VIP arena with a higher join price, but with greater rewards.

Unlike last time, there is now a warp room to prevent instant teleporting. You now have to type /warp ma. After you are in the warp room, there are a few informational signs. These signs include useful commands, such as "/ma join" to join an arena and "/ma spectate" to watch the battle if it is full.

There is now a $5000 fee to join Mob Arena each game. You should not have a problem earning this back. The new rewards are as followed..

  • Every 3 rounds, you will receive $500
  • Every 5 rounds, you will receive $1000
  • At level 20, you will receive 5 iron ingots
  • At level 30, you will receive 10 iron ingots
  • At level 40, you will receive 3 diamonds
  • At level 50, you will receive 6 diamonds
  • At level 60, you will receive 1 diamond sword
Remember to report any and all bugs to Jigsaw or a Support Admin, and finally, if anyabuse is found, Mob Arena will be disabled.

If you have any suggestions you can post them here.

Have fun! :)

This is a picture of the only arena so far:

Mob Arena will be added back to the server in about one week. It has been updated and a lot of new features have been added and it will need to be setup all over again. We will likely only have one or maybe two arenas at a time, but they will be large enough that a lot of people can play at once. Check back here for more information on when the date will be.

The winner for the dragon egg has been randomly chosen and that winner is Invasebloodz! Congratulations to Invase and thanks to everyone for voting. I will try to do this every other month with some sort of a prize or maybe every month for a smaller prize. Just keep voting for the server it really helps get new players and helps our community grow. :)
Well it is the end of the month and the votes will once again be reset tonight. It really helps if we get a lot of people to vote in the first few days so we can get a nice high spot on the list. If you could please take 1 minute out of your day and vote it would really help the server out a lot and make me very happy.

Vote Here

I will be choosing the random winner of the dragon egg sometime this week and I will post the results for that on the forum when the winner is determined.