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The issues with the creative server have been resolved. You should now be able to use creative like normal again. If you have purchased builder rank in the past and are not automatically set to creative mode when you join the server just let me know and I will look into it. Some of the commands may look/work different as we have moved to a newer version of the plot plugin. Let me know if you find any issues.
Just a fewupdates you should be aware of:
  • Updated servers to 1.10.2
  • Added Elytra to vote rewards
The votes have been reset for the start of the month. Remember to keep voting for the server to help get our server name out there and get new players to join our community.

If you choose to vote (online or offline) you will have points added to your account in game which you can redeem for things like diamonds, ender pearls, beacons, and much more. For the complete list of rewards see the Wiki.

Most Votes Reward!

MutinyCraft will be giving out rewards to the players who vote the most during the month. This is to help encourage people to continue to show their support for the server by voting and also reward those who take time out of their day to vote.

Rewards for Top Voters:
  1. 125 Bonus Vote Points!
  2. 75 Bonus Vote Points
  3. 50 Bonus Vote Points

To be eligible to win these prizes you must be at least Miner/Farmer/Warrior on MutinyCraft Survival and have an account in good standing (not banned).
I have updated Hub, Survival, Creative, and Factions to 1.9. KitPvP will not be usable until one of the plugins is updated to support 1.9.

The End is enabled.

If you find any bugs that you feel would be worth sharing let me know via private message.
MutinyCraft Hardcore Factions


MutinyCraft will be opening a Hardcore Factions server in the very near future. This post will help educate you on what exactly our version of hardcore factions will look like. If you have played on a hcf server in the past then a lot of this will be familiar to you. And if you have been following along on the discussion thread you will see some of those ideas have been added.


The rules on the hardcore factions server will be extremely relaxed. The chat will not be visible from any other MutinyCraft server, however there will still be a very small amount of chat rules. All of the rules can be found on the wiki here.


The full plugin list will not be made available, however the plugins people will be interested in will have guides located on the wiki here.

The plugins most people will be interested in are:
  • Auctions - Player hosted auctions for selling/buying items
  • SpawnerShop- Purchasable mob spawners
  • Factions - Everything for factions
  • ObsidianDestroyer - Makes it easier to destroy obsidian and also possible to destroy bedrock (excluding the very bottom layer of bedrock)
  • VoteSuite - Allows players to redeem vote points for rewards such as in game money and bedrock


Ranks will be based on player based roles that you...